Warm welcome to you as you read these words. Below is a summary of myself, my background and the energy which has shaped the services I offer.

Since a young child, I could intuitively understand why people reacted emotionally and what caused them to do the things they did. I could sense what their unmet needs were and how their perceptions of themselves colored how they experienced their lives. Always very curious about chakras and auras, and how the emotions – I felt, coming from people affected their own auras, I embarked on a lifelong spiritual training to not only find my service to Life, but to live out a deep journey of self improvement to free my spirit and open my heart to the deep wellspring of Love and Wisdom that lies therein. As I have healed myself of many emotional and mental ailments, I know the way now to help others to find their own way Home within their hearts. I lovingly hold the space and the frequency necessary for them to delve deeply within themselves to find the answers, Love and hidden beauty waiting to be discovered.

My Training Journey

I am an experienced workshop facilitator and speaker. Having graduated from Concordia University in 1992 with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Creative Writing, I then soon turned to spiritual studies. In 1996 I began my studies at the Natural Health Consultants Institute (NHC) school of energy and health in NDG, Quebec.

For 4 years I undertook a range of classes which included spiritual psychotherapy, vibrational medicine, sound healing and biochemistry. In 2003, I began another 4 years of intensive studies at the Institute of Energetic Healing (IEH) in Montreal and received a diploma on the principles of the Energetic Anatomy program. Courses here included energy healing and working with chakras, meridians, acupressure, chinese medicine, therapeutic touch, shamanic studies as well as working with the effects of the therapeutic sounds of crystal bowls and tuning forks on the human energy field. Studies included Hans Jenny and the Cymatics Institute, Alfred Tomatis, science of the ear and how we integrate sound in the human body.

I also, a little later, undertook studies with Fabien Maman and the effects of sound and color on the mental/emotional bodies as well as the therapeutic use of tuning forks on the human energy field, the practical and vibrational effects of playing crystal bowls with Nancy Brousseau from the Mine Cristal institute in Bonsecours, Quebec and learning about the magic as well as to play the alchemy crystal bowls with Beverly Wilson (of Crystal Tones) in Mt. Shasta California.

I spent a year learning about the human physical body with an anatomy and biochemistry course for a year long Kinetic Swedish Massage course at Kine Concept. Additionally, I took a year long Foot Reflexology course and can treat the reflexes in the feet to help stimulate proper function in all the organs of the body.

I have enjoyed learning many other modalities such as: Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Rebirthing, Metamorphic Massage, Moon Mother Feminine Purification, Access Consciousness, crystal therapy, spontaneous vocal expression, vocal choir, shamanic studies, inner Goddess and the divine feminine, Relationships as our sacred mirrors with Greg Braden and Telos, The New Lemuria, the Seven Sacred Flames with Aurelia Louise Jones.

My Call to Service

It is a great joy to now help others in their awakening by offering a variety of services. The keys to spiritual and emotional freedom can be summed up by truly loving yourself which can be a lifetime journey. Finding true peace within only comes from knowing yourself fully, knowing all of the energies at play within you, facing your fears, judgments and shadows.

Transcending the ego and admitting where you are in judgment to get to the wound underneath. Only then will you come to a place of full acceptance of self. All of the places where you do not accept yourself must be mirrored in situations outside of you in your daily life. Once you become fully self-aware and decide compassionately that what you see is lovable, you open your heart to yourself and then to the world.

All the services that I offer assist self-reflection, looking inside of you to understand yourself better. Rather than acquiring an energy that is outside of you, raising your vibration is about opening, about continuously opening your heart and throwing off the old masks and old understandings of yourself until you open yourself fully to the true beauty that lies within you….. Beauty abounds everywhere….. all you need is truly already inside of you.

As a therapist, I offer spiritual counseling (reprogramming of beliefs and clearing emotions), a range of energetic modalities including Reiki, Unitary Reiki (Reiki of Sound), energy work on the chakras and energy grids, swedish kinetic massage (from the Kine-Concept institute), foot reflexology (NHC), crystal and sound healing therapies as well as rebirthing and metamorphic massage.

I enjoy offering monthly crystal bowl and planetary gong therapeutic concerts. These concerts (offered in both English and French) include a guided meditation as well as an inner sonic journey to meet the spirit and heart of self. Also offered are courses on working with the chakra system, crystals, Goddess circles and song circles to strengthen our voice as a healing tool and empower a soul centered expression.

What People Say

I have attended several of Nancy’s sound healing events and workshops. What struck me the most was the intensity of love you feel from the moment you enter the room. From that space, all stress dissolves and you are ready to absorb the healing effects of her concerts, meditations and journeying. She embodies divine love and light and has made it her mission to share her spirit with us. We are truly blessed.

Catherine P.,  Ile Bizard QC

A woman of heart, Nancy works intuitively and in depth on every level of my being during an energy session. She listens deeply and knows how to go right to the root of the problem to restore harmony and balance to the four body systems: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.”  

Francine L. Montreal, QC

Nancy is a wonderful angelic healer. Her wisdom, her teachings and her sound/crystal healing all come together in harmony. This creates a beautiful healing journey; elevating the vibrational frequency of your soul and body, and moving you forward on your path towards wholeness.”

– A.D., Montreal