Unitary Reiki – Reiki of Sound

New dates: January 25, February 9 and 16, 2020

Course Outline and Expectations

Unitary Reiki utilizes symbols from 4 different Reiki streams and harmonizes them into one powerful Reiki:

5 symbols from Usui Reiki (from Usui foundation), 7 symbols from Shamballah Reiki (chosen by Hari Das Melquisedek the founder of SReiki)

2 symbols from Karuna Reiki (Maha Karuna) and 11 symbols from the new Unitary Reiki® (Selene and CyrilleOdon, Lemurian energy).

The intentions and vibrations of this Reiki course can help you to:

  • Cleanse and energize the throat, Thyroid gland, Larynx and Heart Chakra
  • Purify and energize your 5th chakra channels, ear chakras (for clairaudience) (what we cannot hear, we cannot sing)
  • Exercises to strengthen the confidence we hold in our singing voice, so that our voice may channel a higher frequency
  • Activation of the 12 strands of DNA (given within the symbols and attunements)
  • Unification of our multidimensional self, integration of the attributes and abilities of our I AM Presence that are available to us now
  • Activation of the central energy channel and the Markabah field
  • Meditation and sound activation of your Soul Song (from your cellular memory)

Throughout this course, we will be accompanied with the frequency of many different pure sound tools such as crystals bowls, gongs, drums, rattles, chimes, a crystal harp and pyramid, which will assist us to anchor the healing and empowering archetypes and vibrations of the Reiki symbols.

After the first 3 days of this course, you will receive a Unitary Reiki Practitioner’s Diploma (practitioner’s manual)

After three months of integration, on the 4th day of the course,  you will receive a Unitary Reiki Master Diploma (Master`s and Teacher’s manual is given)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or telephone.

In the Light of Love, Nancy

Word from Course founders:

What is Unitary Reiki:

Reiki is an ancient healing art, which consists of channeling and transmitting Universal Healing Light Energy, from our hearts and hands.  Over the years and as the vibration of the planet has increased, new Reikis have been birthed, such as Karuna Reiki, Multidimensional Reiki of Shamballa among others, with the intention of offering new symbols in accordance with the change of vibration of the planet and the evolution of the consciousness of the divine human.

Unitary Reiki has no levels, it is a formation of three days, after which the initiate receives the first part of the Master’s manual and a professional diploma to treat people in therapy. After three months of practice and of integration of the energies, there is a fourth day of formation/supervision after which the initiate receives the second part of the Master’s manual and a Teacher’s diploma to transmit the energies to others if they wish.

By integrating the conscious use of SOUND and FREQUENCIES, Unitary Reiki gives much more power to the healing. We are a frequency, a sound, a color and a geometry. In essence we are a vibration and our Higher Self, a frequency. By working consciously with sound, we get closer to the frequency of our essence. Unitary Reiki, Reiki of Sound®  opens the channels, especially the chakra of the larynx  so that the voice and the spoken word can channel a high frequency for healing.

Unitary Reiki strengthens the  immune system; it activates the central energy channel and the Merkabah field to work in an expansive and multidimensional manner.

It activates the primordial 12 strand DNA to re- awaken beings to their innate energetic signature and power, in order to co-create life in a more conscious and aware manner.

The primordial intention of Unitary Reiki is to help people remember who they truly are in reality.  This is why receiving the Unitary Reiki attunements, of sound, is a gift you make to yourself and to others. 

Why Unitary?

It is Unitary because it unifys the different Reiki techniques so that the initiate has a practice with all of the Reiki knowledge as a whole necessary in the Now moment.

Activation of Laryngeal Chakra

In New Energy where the power of the Logos has taken a priority place in the joint creation of reality, we will activate laryngeal chakra considering it as a 3rd “meridian of the heart.” Not only your hands will irradiate light from your heart: your words and your singing will become deeply healing.