Finding your Center

Essay Published for CHI Magazine, December 2008

Life today is busy and finding your center within your every thought and intention, may be the most important step you can take to finding the authentic voice of your soul within. The very direction of our lives is made up of all the little choices we make every day, which add up and turn into the big events or moments in our lives. Ask yourself: “Are my daily unconscious choices being made from outside me, as dictated by stress, or am I connecting to my center.” Our true center propels us onto the right path, into the true purpose of life.

To find your center, try this exercise: Sit in an area where you can be quiet for a few minutes, connect with your breath and allow it to calm your nervous system and your mind. Allow yourself to ground to the earth, let go of everything and tell yourself you are in a safe and loving place. If you are visual, imagine a bright dot within the center of your imagination. See yourself, your being, coming closer to that center until you feel you have merged with that bright lighted center within. Now bring into your consciousness someone you truly love and whose presence you really appreciate in your life, such as a partner, friend, family member or even a pet or a public figure. Allow yourself to feel your love for them grow and experience the gratitude you feel. Then, let these feelings expand and visualize an image of you as a child. Send love to heal that inner child and focus on all your good qualities, directing your love and gratitude to feed every cell of your being with self love. If any thoughts or judgments come into your mind, know they are from the ego. Take note of these thoughts objectively, and then let them go. They are obstacles to loving yourself and wounds from the past that you will need to correct and work on releasing from your unconscious.

As you focus on that feeling of loving yourself, it is helpful to say affirmations to yourself, such as: “I deserve abundance, I am worthy of great love, I am beautiful and I am highly esteemed by my colleagues and friends.” These new thoughts will replace old unconscious ones. Thus you are, in effect, reprogramming your mind and changing your reality. Any awareness gained during this state of consciousness, may bring about the illumination needed to bring something better into your life and start a brand new direction for yourself.

article for CHI magazine, Nancy Fuoco, December 2008