Purity Sound Holiday Concert – with Healing Harp in Pointe-Claire Village

Purity Sound Concert Event

~~ with Crystal Bowls and Healing Harp

Saturday, December 10, 2022 – from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm and/or

                                                                  from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

at the Chapel in St. John the Baptist Church in beautiful Pointe-Claire village

with Nancy Fuoco and Matthew Von Behrens

Join us for a seasonal and blissful therapeutic sound concert at the beautiful St. John the Baptist church near the Lakeshore in Pointe-Claire village. Christmastime is a time of high energy, we welcome you to take some time for a deep soul connection, to bath in the high purity light of the season as well as to open your heart to the heavenly frequencies of the Christ Heart which is amplified during the holiday months. During this concert, we will also welcome Matthew Von Behrens from Vermont who’s expert harp playing has delighted many and helped others to find their inner peace for over two decades.

The therapeutic Sound Concert Includes:

Introductory Conscious Present Moment Breath

Opening Guided Meditation

Pure crystal sound vibrations accompanied by the soothing harp

Inspirational Christmas songs sung Nancy and Matthew

A holiday song sing along…

A moment of Grace with a glass of pure crystal water…and more…

When one comes to bathe in the pure sound vibrations of the sound instruments, amplified by the positive intentions set during the evening, real transformation can occur. The pure sound resonance can help to recalibrate our energy field, balance masculine and feminine energies, release old stagnant emotions and reawaken new insights and inspirations from deep within. Most of us only receive a small amount of pure clear sound in our daily lives; a daily wash in pure sound and light frequencies can cleanse your energy field, release dense energies and fill you with a new clarity.

The sound bath includes alchemy crystal bowls such as an emerald, platinum, turquoise, rose quartz, aqua aura bowls etc, planet gongs, a crystal harp, chimes, crystal pyramid, drums, angelic light language as well as the resonant and healing voice.

About the presenters:

Matthew von Behrens took up playing the harp in 1999 after being guided to do so in meditation. It eventually led him to leave behind his job as an engineer with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. after 26 years. Since 2015 he has been a chaplain at Porter Hospital in Middlebury, Vermont where he uses harp music to welcome newborns into the world as well as help people make their transitions from this world to the next.

Nancy Fuoco is an intuitive channel, sonotherapist and an experienced meditation facilitator. She has been offering workshops on emotional wellbeing, sound healing and therapeutic concerts for the last 20 years. As well as leading spiritual retreats in Mt. Shasta, CA, and in the Laurentians to evolve soul connection and opening to the inner Goddess, she has long pursued studies and taught on the subjects of Lemurian healing and reconnection, spiritual psychotherapy, sound healing and vocal therapy, rebirthing, crystal healing and understanding consciousness through the rays of light (color, sound and light therapy). To know more about her, you can visit her website at: www.theresonantheart.com

To register:

Email: nancyfuoco@sympatico.ca        or       Call:     514-690-2009

Contribution for the concert:  35$*

*To ensure your place, you can send an e-transfer to:  nancyfuoco@sympatico.ca    or  payment at the door, however, please register as space is limited.

Location:  Saint-John the Baptist Church in Pointe-Claire Village – the Chapel – 233 Sainte-Claire Ave, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9S 4E3

Seasonal Blessings to all!