Wedding Officiant

Dear beloveds,

I have been blessed to have participated in the co-creating and officiating of several sacred weddings. Below are photos and a little bit of information on two of those weddings.

Marriage is a ceremony of Love between two souls who have come together to consecrate their Love in front of their family and friends. This ceremony is the powerful expression of not only their physical wedding but is the glorious merging of hearts of their spiritual families as well (Divine I Am Presences) who in this lifetime, are agreeing to pledge their Love for each other in a most sacred ceremony of Divine Union. On the higher planes, this ceremony and its intentions is recorded into the Akashic records and book of Love of all Twin Flames.

This kind of Marriage and Divine Union releases much creative energy and creates a web of love and light that not only bonds the newlyweds but creates a bonding energy that brings together family and community. This Divine energy of Love is then anchored on Earth and released as pure Divine Love which can inspire and help nurture the hearts of all those who are looking for this kind of love within them as well.

As most people begin the steps to create their wedding ceremony, the need that it be an authentic representation of their unique selves as well as their Love is important. At the base of any Marriage Ceremony is a story of Love. First a story of Love of Self and then how these two stories can now come together as One. How do you want your story to be told?

Indeed it is important that this special ceremony be imagined and manifested in just the perfect way. As a wedding officiant, I offer my services to sit with the engaged couple to assist in imagining their perfect wedding through the order of ceremonies as well as helping to formulate the perfect heart felt words and vows which they will speak to each other. This can be done by either a consultation or through an inner journey meditation to access their deepest hearts desires and expressions.

It is also possible that the wedding day include a sound purification during, before or after the order of ceremonies to create a resonance of pure Peace, Love and Unity in the room. The sounds of the bowls, Voice and other sacred Sound Tools come to create a feeling of sweet bliss in the room enabling the couple to more deeply merge their hearts and expressions during the ceremony.

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With deep love, respect and devotion, Nancy

The Wedding of Bob and Diane

The Ceremony of the Roses and deep Honoring of Each other

Spiritual Celebration dance to the new Age of Aquarius

The Wedding of Claire and Antoine

Magnificent Outdoor Nature Wedding

The Beauty of True Love