Metamorphic Technique – Energetic Modality for Purification and Rebirthing

Energetic modality for Rebirthing and to clear karmic memories

Dates for In-Person Course:

Ssturday, May 14, 2022           − 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Come and experience a day of deep purification by revisiting the time before your present life began all the way through to your birth. It was during this very beginning of your life that your perceptions of self and experience of life began. Everything that you have experienced since then in your Life was based upon these four first stages of your life.

Metamorphic Massage is a gentle yet powerful modality and technique that works to progressively liberate you from the emotional, mental and physical (or karmic) discomforts that were related to your prenatal period. Many have discovered that negative beliefs also took their root in these stages. During our day together, we will deeply reconnect with our inner being and what we lived during that time to fill each and every experience with a nurturing Love and Grace, bringing about a virtual Rebirth (or reboot) of our lives.

This technique has been known to offer an extraordinary well-being and a deep relaxation for both recipient and donor. Based on the technique developed by Robert St John in the 1960s and then continued by Gaston St Pierre, it consists of a light touch along the reflexes of the spine of the foot, along which is stored the consciousness and memories of the 9 months of gestation we experienced in the maternal womb.  

The work on the hands and the head follows the same circuits and can bring about a boost to our creativity, releasing old thought forms, allowing for a new and freer way of thinking. We will also work on the reflex zones of the pineal and pituitary gland, which represent the time of conception and preconception. These zones are important for remembering the  goals and intended lessons of our present incarnation as well as for reformulating our highest intention for this lifetime which can instantly put us back on the right and most beneficial path. 

You can experience this course as a new and enriching modality which can be added as a complement to your usual care as a therapist or reflexologist or you may simply want a personal and deeply cleansing day.

The day includes:

— A powerful purification meditation to connect to the stages of our pre-conception to birth, accompanied by pure sound instruments. (the audio of the meditation can be made available to take home with you).

— Discussion and short theory on rebirthing and Metamorphic Massage.

— A demonstration and practice time in which you can learn some warm up massage techniques for the feet and hands (I am a foot reflexologist as well as a massage practitioner). You will also learn the reflex points along the three spines of the body.

— In the afternoon, all will experience a metamorphic massage by giving a treatment and receiving one.  

For Online Course: Includes a powerful meditation (accompanied by the sounds of crystals bowls and light language), presentation and theory on rebirthing as well as a presentation on the three spines of the body. A pdf instruction booklet is included.

Course given by:  Nancy Fuoco 

Cost:  95$ for the day + ​5$ for the spiral book and course papers.
Location of course:  D.D.O. West Island (Full address upon registration) – Zoom Link to be sent for Online Course.

To Register:

By email:      or       call at:  514-690-2009

Payment of the course can be made by e-transfer at: or Paypal.