Lemurian Workshops

Join us for an evening of reawakening to the memories held deeply within our cells of the long golden age we once knew on this Earth as the era of Lemuria. During this time, we intimately knew what it was to walk on the planet in total and intimate connection to all of Life, to Mother Nature, to your loving partner and as a great Family in complete brotherhood/sisterhood of Man.

Our hearts knew no bounds and the bonds of Love that were created will last for all time. Come and take the time to bathe in this frequency you once knew so well and allow it to reawaken your cellular memories of your Lemurian heritage, to receive an activation of your DNA to once again vibrate to the gentle yet infinite frequency of the Heart’s wisdom and the latent talents that will forever be your Soul’s Love and gifts to the world.

In this sound healing session we will experience:

  • a breath exercise to balance masculine and feminine energies guided meditation at the beginning to cleanse and activate cellular memories of Lemuria
  • over an hour of continuous sonic journey to continue to deeply journey into the heart
  • a glass of purifying rose water following the sound bath

You are invited to choose a crystal to journey with during the sound bath.

Space is limited to approximately 15 people.

The sound bath will include alchemy crystal bowls, including the*new Emerald bowl from Mt. Shasta (also platinum, turquoise, rose quartz, aqua aura bowls etc..), planet gongs, a crystal harp, chimes, crystal pyramids, a cosmic drum, rattles as well as healing and soothing vocal Lemurian song intonations.

The pure sound resonance released from the crystal bowls can help to recalibrate our energy field, balance masculine and feminine energies, release old stagnant emotions and reawaken new insights and inspirations from deep within. The sound of the crystal bowls emits a frequency that comes to fluidize any negativity that may be in our energy fields as well as filling our aura with light. Most of us only have a small amount of pure clear sound in our live; as we wash our physical body, we often don’t think about cleansing our mental and emotional bodies. Receiving a sonic purification can cleanse your energy field, release dense energies and fill you with a new clarity.

With intention, deep healing can occur.                              

It is recommended to bring a yoga mat to lie down on, as well as a pillow for extra comfort. Comfortable chairs are also available if you prefer to sit. For details on the next workshop, click on the link below.

Facilitated by: Nancy Fuoco