Monthly Telos Worldwide Online Prayer Circle with Ascension Ceremony

For Personal, Community and Planetary Cleansing

Every first Sunday of the month (Eastern Time Zone)

Sunday, October 2: 1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Zoom Link for presentation room to click on:

Join us in these important times to create a sacred space of prayer in which we will bathe Mother Earth and all of her children, humanity, animals and natural kingdoms with an uplifting Light of Grace, Peace, Compassion and Harmony. By using prayers from Telos and the Seven Sacred Flames we will come together to create a unifying circle of Love around the Earth, instilling the Light necessary for each and every heart to connect to the eternal and unlimited source of Divine Love within.

During our hour together, we will do:

Prayers for world cleansing

   –  Prayers will be read and in a meditative manner while others will be sung (sometimes with joyful heart-opening Lemurian chants)

Meditation (energetic exercise) to attune and cleanse the chakras

Prayers for personal and family purification

Ending with a guided meditation for planetary healing and unity, in connection with Adama and our Telos family.

* The Prayer Circle is free and is held on Zoom, if you’d like to participate click on the Zoom link above.  

** If this is the first time you are using Zoom, it will ask you to download a small file, when the download is complete (this takes barely 30 seconds) the meeting room should download automatically. You may need to play with your sound settings once you are connected to the room.

For any questions please email Nancy at:   or  the Foundation at:

In the light of Love, Nancy