The Path of Total Surrender to Divine Will, Love and Unity

Channeled message based on the following quote:

“ Focus on the Will of God for your very life, through total surrender to that Divine Will, whatever your present circumstances appear to be. As you align with God’s Will, you will notice that your life will manifest more harmony.”           ~ Adama, The Telos Card Deck

Dear children of my eternal heart,

In this present moment, can you feel the pulse of the eternal one within you? Do you feel the Oneness in this moment, or the interconnectedness of all living beings? In this very moment all of creation, even eternity can be felt. In moments of deep connection, or meditation, you may feel and become more aware of this current of energy, the Great Living Light (or Life itself) is always moving within you, and unendingly creating from the inner sanctum of your thoughts, beliefs and unconscious emotions. This infinitely benevolent Light seeks to bring you Home yet must operate with the energy you hold within you, with all the lessons you have yet to learn whether negative or life affirming. Learning to flow with this energy, to trust what life is bringing you, to Love and accept each occurrence, no matter how difficult the situation may be, is the first and greatest initiation we all must pass. It is the initiation that can bring you home all the way to your divine heart.

We have all lived a great many lives learning through multitudes of creations of disconnection from the divine source of Love, in the name of this powerful earthly school we call Free Will. Many souls are now ready to return to Divine Union with the God Will that shines within them. Learning to reconnect to Divine Will can range from the greater initiations to more subtle ones. How much do you Trust Life ?  What is your level of commitment to your Divine Self ?  Each precious child on this planet is learning to become a responsible creator once more, to remember their true Worth in the Name of their Divine I AM.

Do you know how powerful a creator you are? And how much you create in your life day to day, and in each sacred moment ? Gautama Buddha realized himself when he totally surrendered his egoic nature to God, he practiced surrender to the divine present moment to such an extent that he could not only acknowledge but feel that all of the world was within him and, therefore, he was everywhere in the world. He chose Love in the face of everything he encountered until one day he totally subjugated the voices of the ego and achieved Oneness with the consciousness of the God Flame that shone in his heart. He realized how powerful that creative force of Love was and how Grand he truly was and there was no limit to the possibilities before him. What he achieved is also possible for you.

However, reconnecting with Divine Will is a process. Are you moving forward with Grace and confidence on your spiritual path and if not, where do you feel you are stuck and not advancing? Do you feel you are more coping or reacting to Life’s situations and not creating from the Divine masterly source within you?

Know that there is a plan that has been set for you before your birth, a divine plan, each one of you has a map, a destiny that you each must follow and this oftentimes without your full knowing. We all follow our destiny, decision by decision, yet the quality of each decision that is based on the Will of your heart will dictate how quickly you succeed on your path. When we deviate from our soul’s true path, often caused by a desire of the lower will or a fear, a delay in you achieving your soul’s potential can occur as well as suffering down the line. When you are on your right path, you are also fulfilling the Greater Divine Plan and the world will respond by rewarding you with a tremendous amount of support and divine serendipity. The law of attraction will operate in your favor with a feeling that you are in the right place at the right time, meeting those you need to as well as a feeling that your efforts are being uplifted on wings of ease and grace. When in harmony with your Divine Will’s intent, your heart will sing songs of happiness and your world will be filled with Divine Beauty and order.

For some, in order to come to a place of complete surrender, they need to lose almost everything else in their lives. This is how they divest themselves of their ego, the path of surrender is the redemption and the only way to totally place themselves in the hands of their Divine Will. When you decide to believe in your God Self, and suspend doubt, it will never lead you in the wrong direction. Pay attention to the signs the world is offering you and practice full awareness. Sometimes finding the best way you can serve Life benevolently is a powerful way to ignite the sacred fires of your heart and can fill you with a divine purpose and inspiration. Pray for the motivation, courage and discipline that is necessary to burn through any any deep seated inner wounds, or judgements you may experience. Upon the moment of transcendence of a fear, you may realize that your fears were not as great as you thought they were and almost everyone who has moved through their fears fervently wish they had faced them earlier.

With all the love of your heart, ask again and again to be filled with Divine Faith and you will soon start to feel yourself become more aligned to your Divine Will then to your ego’s limited way of perceiving. You are worthy of the Divine help you are asking for. Your true spiritual path beloveds is actually a narrow one and cultivating discernment is needed to know the right choices to take. While your ego may offer you many choices, your heart will show you only one.

It is also very important to let go of the need to know what will happen tomorrow or further down the path of your future and trust in what you are living in each present moment in your life, and create from that point. We are presently living through an unprecedented time in humanity’s evolution and many belief systems and ways of seeing the world are dissolving and being replaced by new paradigms. Like never before we are being tested for our level of Love, Faith and Unity.

In Telos and the higher dimensions we monitor the earths’ progress very closely, and even though it may not seem so, the earth is moving into a new vibration and is being liberated from much dense energy. Each facet of the pandemic we are experiencing is a projection of our planetary collective karma, it serves a purpose in the divine plan, and in the personal plan of every child on earth. A new world is being created moment by moment in the etheric realm, and is awaiting the right divine timing, when humanity is ready, to come down to be assimilated in our world. We are creating this new world together, it is very important to focus on what you would like to see and experience in the world, and as you fill it with kindness, harmony, tolerance, love for all, good will, truth and peace, that is what will prevail on earth.

As the season of Christmas approaches, you can feel the energy of purity and love in the atmosphere as the energy of the Christ Flame is celebrated and powerfully available on Earth at this time. Know that no matter your spiritual heritage, you are not alone on your path and if you are in need of an uplifting energy call on the company of heaven and your spiritual family in Telos, we will answer and surround you with enough bright light to illuminate your entire world and consciousness.

In the name of an invincible Heart, I AM Adama

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on December 1, 2021

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Speaking the Highest Truth of your Heart

Message from Adama for the Month of October 2021

Channeled message based on the following quote:

“ Resolve today to speak only words of love and harmony. What you create through your throat center always comes back to you, multiplied many times over ”    ~~ The Seven Sacred Flames Card Deck, Master Kuthumi

Dear children of the One heart,

In the light of the Golden Heart of the Christ and with the purest and tenderest waves of love, I invite you into the resonance of your heart’s Chamber today. Simply attune to the warmth of Love there…and as you breathe into this divine space, allow its graceful flow to dissolve any impurities that may have been dwelling on the surface. Simply focus your attention now to totally align with your divine spark, feel yourself merging with its energy so well, and so deeply, that you feel as though you have come to the very center of your heart’s flame, indeed at the center of your existence.

The more ardent your intent is to truly ignite the fires of your heart, the more that flame of love will fill your voice with your divine purpose and your Truth and the more surrendered to Love you allow yourself to be, the higher and more pure the expression of your Truth. When divine truth is truly expressed, it is felt by others. It creates tangible waves of light, like laser light that can cut through pockets of clouds or fog and even shine a light into the farthest reaches of the world where there are shadows. When you speak your truth, it releases a living light that can touch, inspire and even embolden others to do the same. Many leaders on this planet have changed the world with the Truth that was burning in their hearts to express, indeed the Truth that they were born to transmit to the world.

You, like them, have a responsibility to make every effort to connect to your heart when you speak, to reach into the center of your heart that is creative… indeed to reach inside to the Divine One that is always aware at all times as to what it is creating. Like those great leaders, the quality of the words you speak can create a change, not only in your personal world, but in the world around you.

What you say is of the utmost importance…your voice is constantly creating form and is creating your life, is creating your reality and is engendering the laws of attraction. Indeed beloveds, the more you allow yourself to speak from your heart, the more your world will resonate to your divine Truth. To thine own self be true. Let your heart speak, what you say with your heart will create waves of goodness in the world, waves of love that are endlessly giving, touching and mending other hearts. Be a voice that creates waves of pure resonant Love. In the sacred geometry of the collective heart, intend for your voice to be a creator of love, endlessly creating coherent patterns of light.

And in this light, you are creating webs of love between you and the other person, you are creating literal bridges of love and trust between you and all others. What you say creates a tangible energy in your world, oscillates in your energy field and creates patterns, and if repeated enough, can create sustained patterns whether they are negative or positive expressions. We invite you to become more aware of the patterns you are creating in your life by taking a closer look at the words you speak and the frequency of each one.

Are the words you are choosing creating Light in your world ? As we mentioned, words carry frequencies, they can be points of light that can dispel the emotional fog or words that just add to the confusion or to the disconnection. Are you being diligent and mindful to refocus your words so they come from your heart and not from your ego ? In some situations, conscious awareness and sustained discipline can help you to not fall to the lower tendencies of your ego that has been angered to lash out…and unfortunately in those moments, what is expressed is quite the opposite of the truth of the hearts involved, serving to separate people when they need nothing more than to connect to fill the unmet need in their hearts that has been triggered.

Your voice can be very healing, indeed it is your greatest instrument. From the deepest need of your heart, let it be an instrument of Love, an instrument of Peace and Unity. In these important times on the Earth where there are deep divisions in people’s thoughts and beliefs, it is only through the grace of the heart that each sister and brother can choose to speak words that help to bring down the walls between people, that can help to deflect the heated anger that has placed people against each other, words that help people to see their common needs and how to honor differing perspectives as the way to bring each one together. Words spoken with the intention to spread love and light in your communities and nations will be prized above all others.

There is a need to set aside the tendency to want to be “right” as being “right” is a product of the mind and is usually a matter of perspective and can shift. We ask you to focus your intention rather on being Love, the energy of Love that softens all obstacles to Harmony, that brightens all discourses with the Light and Clarity of an open heart needed at any given moment to deflate the anger that stands between the establishment of Peace in this world. Focus with your whole heart on the importance of being Love rather than being Right as being Right is the need of the ego and to Unite is the need of the Heart.

Your heart is an enormous generator, with diligent effort to connect to that great source of love within you, consciously allow it to infuse your voice with the kind of love that can touch a million hearts and carry forth the magic of the Great I AM Presence that you were born to be and express in the world. Choose to weave patterns of Joy, Harmony and Freedom through your voice and you will soon experience the true resonance of Home.

With a love that can move mountains, I AM Adama

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on September 28, 2021

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The Power of Love and Unity

Message from Adama for the month of December and based on the following quote:     

“The heart, however, is aware only of unity, which is the product of unconditional love and forgiveness. Forgiveness is what will allow you to stop eluding the pain that has been there for so long. The light of awareness will enter into the parts of your soul that have long been relegated to the shadows, and you will no longer be able to deny yourselves entry into the Heart of Lemuria that exists around you without veil at all times…And what will it be like to awaken free of all veils ? …It will be like your heart has burst into a realm of infinite possibility and infinite joy.” 

                                                                                                   ~~ Telos book 3, pg. 39, Aurelia Louise Jones

Dear children of my Heart,

I welcome you today in this sacred moment with gentle waves of pure love, waves of pure flowing grace emanating from the center of my Heart, to touch and awaken the purest part of your heart. The part of your heart that is invincible, the part that is divine and is capable of shining through all veils of illusion. Once you are genuinely connecting to that inextinguishable source, it will always guide you in the right direction and fill your beingness with the Faith that you need to recenter you in the coherent and creative vibration of the heart which is always giving and always providing the light and nourishment you need to succeed all your initiations.  

Indeed, we are in a time where the future does not seem clear for many, nor the outcome assured and you may be navigating through a multitude of emotions that have tested your very foundations. Many have meditated and been greatly inspired and empowered by their heart’s guidance only to be knocked off center again when something negative re-occurs in their lives. In such moments of despair or great doubt, call on the flame of the Christ that burns brightly in your heart, ignite the power of the sun of your heart to fill your spirit with the power of Love that is necessary to move you through all resistance or anger that is still impeding your happiness. This eternal flame that resides in the core of your being can illumine any darkness or sadness into the hope and joy that you need to breakthrough to a new level of positivity and confidence. With enough constancy and momentum, you will indeed attract all the delights your heart has been yearning for. When you let go of the objections, the reasons why you cannot accomplish something you would like to do, magic happens. Simply let your love show you the way. What does your Divine Inner Child yearn to express as this important year comes to a finish ? Creating change in your life sometimes takes courage and it takes a willingness to affirm to your divinity that you are ready to break out of a pattern, to transcend what you have been used to, to transcend those old comfort levels of the past and move into a new and higher expression of you.

Know that your I AM Presence, in collaboration with the great Intelligence of Life, has labored for a very long time, through a great many lifetimes, to bring you to the very place that you are right now, in this era, time and place, to face what you need to face, to feel what you need to feel, and to bring a new light of awareness into your beingness so that you may see and acknowledge those parts of you you were not willing before to Love, and the more you Unite with the Great I AM of your heart, the more you Unite with all of Creation.

You carry within you the great splendour and wisdom of a Heart that has lived through eons of human experience and initiations of Love. You do not know the power you carry within your heart, and the energy you have at your command when earnestly called on. Rest assured, this experience of a worldwide virus you have seen before, you have passed through such challenging situations in the past on this Earth and always your Faith in Life has brought you through as well as an always deeper understanding of what is important in Life, the value of living in Harmony and Unity with all peoples of the Earth, no matter their color of skin, their Faith or upbringing.

Each human is born an equal part of the Creator and each person is contributing their energy and beliefs to the collective consciousness of this planet. The higher in vibration you become, the more you feel a sense of responsibility to remain centered, as your thoughts can powerfully affect your neighbor, your community or even your brothers and sisters in another country, and vice versa. We are indeed One. Can you maintain Love, Tolerance and Compassionate understanding for a point of view that is unlike your own?  Or toward a neighbor who’s spiritual tradition is different than yours ? These can be the greatest tests to teach you what amount of love and inner harmony you are holding within your own heart.

Unity must be felt within first. Humanity at this time is moving through great amounts of karma. The deep seeded fears, judgements, and doubts that each feels inside themselves are not only creating their own reality but are contributing to the collective reality humanity is living through.

Once you are a heart that has let go of all judgements, once your heart is completely harmless toward another and hence toward yourself, you will be able to return to and open to the heart of All That Is that your divine being has long sought to re-attain on this planet.

It is then that you will be able to truly perceive with great love, that all others live in your heart, and truly welcome them all there. You will, with great delight, truly see the divinity in the eyes of another, as all that you see will reflect the divinity within. You will see through the illusion of skin color and ethnic origin and never fear their influence as nothing is outside of you. When you have reached this plateau, you will be uplifted into the next dimension, with an immense and blissful gratitude in your heart for each and everything lesson that has permitted you to return home to the Heart of Love.

Within the fires of an invincible heart, I AM Adama

Message channeled by Nancy Fuoco on December 9, 2020.