Mt. Shasta 2023 – Initiatic Spiritual Journey Retreat

August 20 to 28, 2023

Mount Shasta Initiatic Journey 2023

August 20 to 28, 2023

Re-Igniting the Torch of the Freedom Flame within your Heart

~~and Integrating the Consciousness of the Sacred Flames of Light

Mount Shasta is one of our world’s most sacred sites, a place that radiates and anchors high frequencies of love and healing, it is literally a giant heart that radiates its love throughout the planet. In its core, shines the love of Telos; our Lemurian ancestors, welcoming us into the warm and nourishing love of the Lemurian Heart to assist us, amidst a splendid natural landscape, to more deeply access and open our hearts to the Truth of our Divine heritage in each sacred moment. In this special week, we will journey into the Great Flame of the Heart to re-ignite deep cellular memories, and their sacred gifts and abilities, that have been waiting to birth forth into expression into your world. In the transformative light of Shasta and Telos, shines the divine blueprint of the consciousness of the Twelve Sacred Flames and each day we will bathe in the light codes of each ray and the natural elements of nature to help us to open and integrate the pure energies of the moment.

During our initiatic week together, we will walk as though on wings of light and magic through the high vibrational sites that have been chosen, some new this year, for the mystical energies they offer. Well accompanied by the magical elements of nature, we will commune with the unstoppable laughter of the Fairies to help unfurl our inner child’s expression. On site, Nancy Fuoco will gather the group in ceremonial circles and all will receive: messages of the moment, lemurian light language transmissions of the heart, energetic exercises, sacred mantra chants to access the vibration of the heart, guided meditations on selected sites, sometimes accompanied by the sounds of crystal bowls and/or the drum.

In addition to exploring beautiful new sites, some of the places we will visit are those that were revealed to Aurelia Louise Jones while she was living in Mount Shasta. Much time will be given as well for interiorization and reflection at each site as well as a few vision quests on the mountain to peer deeply within oneself through the aid of the frequency of the area. You will also receive a small guide book with the week’s activities, channeling from Adama and other pertinent information.

Join us to reconnect with the divine energies of the heart of Lemuria that are calling you home now, home to the place in your heart that remembers what it was like to be so totally light and free …allow yourself to shed what no longer serves you to expand and open to the waves of love that can create the momentum you need to change your life for the better…and as we raise our vibration, we shine a powerful light into the world, helping to re-establish the age of Christ heart Consciousness or the New Aquarian Age of Peace, Harmony, Freedom and Bliss that each of us has long awaited.

Come Reconnect with your Lemurian roots

During this Initiatic journey, you will live unforgettable experiences such as:

  • Messages of the moment, guided meditations and sacred mantras
  • Lemurian Light language transmissions by Nancy Fuoco
  • Visit Shasta’s famous waterfalls, lakes and pyramid as well as meditate under the stars
  • Enjoy a boat journey on Siskiyou Lake with a splendid view of the mountain, ideal for taking a swim in its crystalline waters…
  • Therapeutic sound concert with a large variety of alchemy crystal bowls
  • Experience a Vision Quest at different sites on Mt. Shasta and sing with the fairies guided by Nancy.
  • Visit the « Peace Garden » well known site in Shasta
  • Free time for contemplation and integration in the magical energies of the mountain …and more..

Aside from the daily scheduled activities, other optional activities will include:

  • Short conscious breathing sessions as well as a laugher therapy session on certain mornings before starting the day
  • A powerful energy session on Mt. Shasta’s floating Trinity Table with Victoria Lee. To read more about the Trinity Table, you can click on Victoria’s website:
  • A session in a pyramid at Mount Shasta to connect deeply with your Higher Self or Ascended Masters:
  • An optional afternoon in the mineral baths at Ashland, Oregon, an area well known for their mineral waters.
  • A shamanic experience with a shaman of the area.

This journey includes healthy, highly vibrant lunches from quality Mount Shasta restaurants, which will maximize the time spent meditating and reflecting on the unique and sacred places in Mount Shasta.

To read all the details about the 2023 Initiatic Journey to Mt. Shasta (or register), please visit the website of the Telos Worldwide Foundation at: