Speaking the Highest Truth of your Heart

Message from Adama for the Month of October 2021

Channeled message based on the following quote:

“ Resolve today to speak only words of love and harmony. What you create through your throat center always comes back to you, multiplied many times over ”    ~~ The Seven Sacred Flames Card Deck, Master Kuthumi

Dear children of the One heart,

In the light of the Golden Heart of the Christ and with the purest and tenderest waves of love, I invite you into the resonance of your heart’s Chamber today. Simply attune to the warmth of Love there…and as you breathe into this divine space, allow its graceful flow to dissolve any impurities that may have been dwelling on the surface. Simply focus your attention now to totally align with your divine spark, feel yourself merging with its energy so well, and so deeply, that you feel as though you have come to the very center of your heart’s flame, indeed at the center of your existence.

The more ardent your intent is to truly ignite the fires of your heart, the more that flame of love will fill your voice with your divine purpose and your Truth and the more surrendered to Love you allow yourself to be, the higher and more pure the expression of your Truth. When divine truth is truly expressed, it is felt by others. It creates tangible waves of light, like laser light that can cut through pockets of clouds or fog and even shine a light into the farthest reaches of the world where there are shadows. When you speak your truth, it releases a living light that can touch, inspire and even embolden others to do the same. Many leaders on this planet have changed the world with the Truth that was burning in their hearts to express, indeed the Truth that they were born to transmit to the world.

You, like them, have a responsibility to make every effort to connect to your heart when you speak, to reach into the center of your heart that is creative… indeed to reach inside to the Divine One that is always aware at all times as to what it is creating. Like those great leaders, the quality of the words you speak can create a change, not only in your personal world, but in the world around you.

What you say is of the utmost importance…your voice is constantly creating form and is creating your life, is creating your reality and is engendering the laws of attraction. Indeed beloveds, the more you allow yourself to speak from your heart, the more your world will resonate to your divine Truth. To thine own self be true. Let your heart speak, what you say with your heart will create waves of goodness in the world, waves of love that are endlessly giving, touching and mending other hearts. Be a voice that creates waves of pure resonant Love. In the sacred geometry of the collective heart, intend for your voice to be a creator of love, endlessly creating coherent patterns of light.

And in this light, you are creating webs of love between you and the other person, you are creating literal bridges of love and trust between you and all others. What you say creates a tangible energy in your world, oscillates in your energy field and creates patterns, and if repeated enough, can create sustained patterns whether they are negative or positive expressions. We invite you to become more aware of the patterns you are creating in your life by taking a closer look at the words you speak and the frequency of each one.

Are the words you are choosing creating Light in your world ? As we mentioned, words carry frequencies, they can be points of light that can dispel the emotional fog or words that just add to the confusion or to the disconnection. Are you being diligent and mindful to refocus your words so they come from your heart and not from your ego ? In some situations, conscious awareness and sustained discipline can help you to not fall to the lower tendencies of your ego that has been angered to lash out…and unfortunately in those moments, what is expressed is quite the opposite of the truth of the hearts involved, serving to separate people when they need nothing more than to connect to fill the unmet need in their hearts that has been triggered.

Your voice can be very healing, indeed it is your greatest instrument. From the deepest need of your heart, let it be an instrument of Love, an instrument of Peace and Unity. In these important times on the Earth where there are deep divisions in people’s thoughts and beliefs, it is only through the grace of the heart that each sister and brother can choose to speak words that help to bring down the walls between people, that can help to deflect the heated anger that has placed people against each other, words that help people to see their common needs and how to honor differing perspectives as the way to bring each one together. Words spoken with the intention to spread love and light in your communities and nations will be prized above all others.

There is a need to set aside the tendency to want to be “right” as being “right” is a product of the mind and is usually a matter of perspective and can shift. We ask you to focus your intention rather on being Love, the energy of Love that softens all obstacles to Harmony, that brightens all discourses with the Light and Clarity of an open heart needed at any given moment to deflate the anger that stands between the establishment of Peace in this world. Focus with your whole heart on the importance of being Love rather than being Right as being Right is the need of the ego and to Unite is the need of the Heart.

Your heart is an enormous generator, with diligent effort to connect to that great source of love within you, consciously allow it to infuse your voice with the kind of love that can touch a million hearts and carry forth the magic of the Great I AM Presence that you were born to be and express in the world. Choose to weave patterns of Joy, Harmony and Freedom through your voice and you will soon experience the true resonance of Home.

With a love that can move mountains, I AM Adama

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on September 28, 2021

* Please note that any text taken from this message for any other publications must have approval from the Telos Worldwide Foundation and acknowledge the source of the material. Many Thanks *

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