The Energy of Forgiveness for Welcoming Change – (Channeled message from Adama for month of August 2020)

Message based on the quote below:

“One of the key aspects of spiritual and emotional nourishment is forgiveness. And even deeper than that is the level of Divinity that recognizes, states and lives the truth that there is nothing to forgive. You cannot create this truth, you can only discover it”.   ~ Telos Book 3, pg. 36, by Aurelia Louise Jones.

Dear children of my heart,

I greet you now with the fullness of Love from my heart to yours. In this gentle connection, do you feel how much you are Loved? Do you feel this pure wave of love as it touches your heart as vibrant living light? This love flowing from our heart to yours is not only filled with a nourishing energy, it is filled with the energy of Life itself…Simply allow it now to awaken the peace, grace and the light codes of the freedom of the heart, the sweet freedom and lightness of being that so well shone in your heart flame in the time of Lemuria.

As you allow your heart to be the receiver of this information, and for the vibration of this Love to “tune” you into a very simple state of being, you may more easily come into a feeling of deep remembrance and connection to the truth that all that really exists in this world is Love, and that you are a child of this Love, always perfectly at home within it. Your heart has the capability to interpret and learn from all forms of Love as well as to generate a tremendous amount of love.

As a child of Love on this Earth, you, along with your family of light, have journeyed through countless incarnations and traveled through so many initiations of the heart, learning to travel through and transcend your shadow, all to truly know yourself, as a being who is able to deeply love yourself and allow this love to express itself perfectly through you. The more you open to Love, the more you live in simplicity and the more you know that it is the only Teacher. Love knows that we need to explore all the facets of our stored emotions, we need to welcome and revisit all the emotions that we have ever felt no matter how difficult the illusion or separation from the truth of Love these emotions brought us to. Time and again; the parts of our hearts that were able to remain open to Love, the parts that still believed in its worthyness of its true divine nature, kept us on the path toward home. By God’s infinite mercy and grace, the eternal flame of Love which our hearts connect to in varying degrees is endowed with the life affirming and miracle essence of forgiveness. Forgiveness, once surrendered to, can not only mend a wounded heart, but can transform the heart’s negative frequencies to their positive polarities once again. When the desire to heal is forged from a pure and ardent desire to release what has kept you from more fully merging with your divine essence, the flame of Love, through the mercy of forgiveness, will come to fulfill your heart’s pure intent.

Forgiveness is central to the frequency of Love and to the Lemurian Heart. When you forgive, yourself or others, you are moving with the very nature of Love itself; forgiveness is an energy that lifts us and replenishes with a generous and endlessly giving energy, restoring our Faith that we can be redeemed and there is always a way back home to our original divine essence.

Do you have a forgiving heart? To the degree that you are able to forgive is to the degree that you are able to love yourself.

Forgiveness can release you from much sorrow and pent up emotions of the past, it creates an alchemy within you, a direct way to free you from the bonds and restrictions of the past into a world of blissful freedom. What has caused many of you much delay and frustration in the past is an unconscious refusal to forgive. In this way, we have sometimes disobeyed the yearning and guidance of our own heart to merge with what we have been resisting as we continue to judge it through perceptions of lack, rejection, blame, distrust or doubt until finally we agree to believe that we are good enough to once again own (and become) the energies that we have cast off. Once we surrender to the heart’s call to forgive, and to give Love to the situation, and to ourselves, only then can we be filled with the Christed Love we have been searching for. Forgiveness releases us from the illusion and gives us back what we had thought we lost.

However, it is time now to reclaim our identity as divine beings capable of creating great good for our planet. The planet and humanity have now reached the end of a major cosmic cycle. The Earth, along with those of humanity choosing it, is now moving into a new cycle of enlightened evolution. And you, as a soul evolving on Her body, are now being faced with the most important choices you will ever make. It is up to you to decide if you want to experience the new world here or move on to another to experience life the way it is here right now with all the limitations and challenges that third dimensional life offers. Every choice you make, be it little or large, is moving you in a direction. You may ask yourself: Was the choice you made fully aligned with your heart’s yearnings and your Divine Will?

In these days of such powerful planetary events and change at a fast pace, many are being presented with golden opportunities to shine and rise above their present circumstances while for others, it is a mighty test to simply hold the Faith. As this powerful light continues to pull up from the planetary subconscious more negative energies that seek to be resolved in the light, those holding the light of Peace, Harmony and Unity bright enough to change and direct the way these energies are being resolved don’t fully know their power and the great gift to the earth they are. Those that intend to commit to their spiritual growth must consciously shed their layers of non-love and non-forgiveness to gradually ascend right along with Mother Earth at this time.

With utmost love and sincerity, we suggest a meditation while calling on the frequency of forgiveness. Ask for its energies of Love and Acceptance to fill your heart and envelop you in its healing grace, then allow any energies of unforgiveness to rise to the surface, energies where you are stuck and not evolving. Now allow this wave of love to gently yet powerfully welcome and comfort these un-integrated and perhaps painful emotions so they may be seen and felt and allowed their expression. Forgiveness will then fill these places with a healing grace to lift you out of your predicament and into a new world of freedom and joy. Each being that has become free and is in the light of their I AM, can help usher in this great new age of Aquarius and loving consciousness of the Heart for a new age of everlasting Love and Unity.

With love and devotion always, I AM Adama

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on August 1, 2020.

Metamorphic Massage Technique – (Rebirthing)

Next Date: Sunday, February 23, 2020

Come and experience a day of deep purification by revisiting the time before your present life began through to your birth. It was during this very beginning of your life that your perceptions of self and experience of life began. Everything that you have experienced since then in your Life was based upon these four first stages of your life.

Metamorphic Massage is a gentle yet powerful modality and technique that works to progressively liberate you from the emotional, mental and physical (or karmic) discomforts that were related to your prenatal period. Many have discovered that negative beliefs also took their root in these stages. During our day together, we will deeply reconnect with our inner being and what we lived during that time to fill each and every experience with a nurturing Love and Grace, bringing about a virtual Rebirth (or reboot) of our lives.

This technique has been known to offer an extraordinary well-being and a deep relaxation for both recipient and donor. Based on the technique developed by Robert St John in the 1960s and then continued by Gaston St Pierre, it consists of a light touch along the reflexes of the spine of the foot, along which is stored the consciousness and memories of the 9 months of gestation we experienced in the maternal womb.  

The work on the hands and the head follows the same circuits and can bring about a boost to our creativity, releasing old thought forms, allowing for a new and freer way of thinking. We will also work on the reflex zones of the pineal and pituitary gland, which represent the time of conception and preconception. These zones are important for remembering the  goals and intended lessons of our present incarnation as well as for reformulating our highest intention for this lifetime which can instantly put us back on the right and most beneficial path. 

You can experience this course as a new and enriching modality which can be added as a complement to your usual care as a therapist or reflexologist or you may simply want a personal and deeply cleansing day.

The day includes:

— A powerful purification meditation to connect to the stages of our pre-conception to birth, accompanied by pure sound instruments. (the audio of the meditation can be made available to take home with you).

— Short theory on rebirthing and Metamorphic Massage.

— A demonstration and practice time in which you can learn some warm up and massage techniques for the feet and hands. We will also practice the reflex points on another and on ourselves.

— In the afternoon, all will experience a metamorphic massage by giving a treatment and receiving one.  

Course given by:  Nancy Fuoco 

Cost:  90$ for the day + ​10$ for the spiral book and course papers.
Location of course:  D.D.O., West Island (Full address upon registration)

To Register:

By email:      or       call at:  514-690-2009

Payment of the course can be made by e-transfer at:

You are the Magic Key – Channeled Messaged from Adama and St. Germain

“I admit that to attain full healing and transformation of the former consciousness will take work, processing and forgiveness. Nevertheless, this is the healing required to pass through all the initiations of the Seven Great Temples. I repeat: “It does not have to be hard or painful. “ In fact, you can make a game of it, perceiving it to be the greatest adventure of all your lifetimes put together, and ride the wave of Ascension in Joy, Love, Harmony and Peace, transforming all challenges into Divine Grace. In your world, you call this “to take the lemons and make lemonade.” ~~ above quote from The Seven Sacred Flames, pg. 203, by Aurelia Louise Jones

Channeled message below based on quote from book.

Dearest child of my heart,

I greet you today with an ocean of Love from my heart to yours. In this ocean of energy, can you feel my Presence?  Can you feel this wave of Love touching your heart ever so gently… yet shining a powerful light into your heart and soul? In this Now moment, feel our Oneness, and allow this connection to spark a powerful flame of remembrance deep into your heart. In your heart space, there is an entrance, a sacred portal into a great place of Peace, take a moment now to dwell and rest in this sanctuary. Feel the quality of timelessness…. and spaciousness here….. here there is no past and the future has already happened….there is nothing to prove…..there is only a place to BE……

Take a moment now to continue focusing on your breath until you can distinguish a cycle or a slow rhythm…as one breath leads into the next feel how the breath is a light that is ever expanding until every cell of your beingness is totally filled with this energy of Living Light, of the Great Life that is always present and responsive to your thoughts and command……this flame of Love in your heart has now expanded enough to fill every cell of your beingness with its unlimited creative energy….you feel totally alive and in the fullness of this energy you can receive your answers….when you are in this space, its easy to know what you need to do or what decision to make in your life. All that you will ever really need to know can be found here.

Indeed, this eternal flame within your heart holds all the keys to your Freedom. The greatest gift you can give to yourself this year is to make taking all the time that is needed to connect and truly listening to that still place in your heart a real priority on your list. Doing so will create an openness in your heart space and a deeper connection to your soul, you will find as this great New Year unfolds all its wondrous surprises, shifts and treasures of love for you, that it is easier to discern your needs and Know how to go about fulfilling them with effortless ease and grace. You will be less affected by the energies outside of you and remain centered in your heart and on your divine path.

Our deepest wish for each and every one of you this year is that you may more deeply unify with the most sacred and magical God presence that beats your heart. Your God Flame, the unique and vibrant Flame of Life that you are is a particular resonance and energetic frequency and is ever listening and ready to answer the most intimate prayers of your heart. Your God Presence also carries the mighty Flame of Freedom in its core essence. As you work this year to heal and transform your old consciousness, you gain mastery, little by little, of all the Divine attributes and qualities of your I AM. Once you have gained the wisdom needed for each one, you free the dazzling beauty and particular color and resonance of your heart`s flame, as you have now passed through the seven initiation doors of the seven Great Temples. As you walk through each one, you have walked through the seven steps to Freedom of the heart. And each initiate must walk their own path with strength, courage and determination.

As I stand next to you today in communion with the energies of beloved Master Saint Germain, we stand in complete honor at the foot of the glory of each of your own I AM Presences, in full acknowledgement of all that each of your God Presences have achieved over the span of many lifetimes. Know that each good deed and decision that has been made by you for the sake of Love has been recorded in the great Book of Love that holds the records of all that each soul has experienced in each lifetime. Each moment that you chose Love as your response, in all its multitude of ways, has been recorded here.

For this New Year what incredible beauty would you like to add to this great book of Love?

Feel free to be as creative as your heart will allow. Each choice you make no matter how little contributes to the momentum upon which you move forward on your life path. Each choice made for Love, for the sake of the development of that Magical Presence that you are adds to the great storehouse of love within your soul and helps to stoke the fire that burns bright in your Divine heart. Beloveds, never underestimate the power of your heart flame. When you allow it to be ignited by the fires of your Love, it becomes the power that can move the tallest mountains. It becomes the blessings that pour from your heart through the glorious voice of your Presence. It is the light that shines so brightly that it can illuminate a pathway for others to find love. It is the only energy that has the power to fuel your life centers to create ‘miracles’ of healing, precipitation, rejuvenation and every other good and perfect gift that can flow from your Divine Heart.

Making “lemonade’’ from your life’s lemons (or challenges and initiations) can easily lead to enjoyment and fulfillment. Once you surrender your ego’s objections of perceived lack and are ready to accept the gift being offered in your circumstance, you can now proceed to fill yourself and receive the great Love that is just waiting to be showered upon you. An attitude of gratitude for each lesson life shows you is life affirming, and no matter what life has in store for you, no matter how difficult, you know it is for your highest good. Gratitude can alight your heart’s fires and lift you up and out of any situation to a new place of joy and abundance as though by magic. Dear ones, you are the magic that makes things happen in this dimension, you are more powerful than you know. All that you need to move the mountains from your path is already inside of you, and with great joy, ease and grace, you can easily access those inner magic keys of Freedom by finding the way to Love yourself through any given situation. A response of fullness of Love will quickly fill all your cells with the Light necessary to wash away any emotion or thought of non-Love from your heart. In any given situation, ask yourself: What would Love do Now ? What response can more deeply instill the belief that I AM abundant Love?…and I AM abundantly Loved. The total belief that you are the power of Love in Action, from the I AM that you are can heal and transform all….and like magic, all obstacles disappear.

In the name of the Infinite Light of Love,  I AM Adama and Master St. Germain.

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on January 13, 2020.