Message from Aurelia for February 2019 — Creating a Spiritual Plan for the New Year – Believing in Yourself

As 2019 is newly here and is still a fresh canvas upon which to paint your heart’s desires, Paul the Venetian reminds us how important it is, vital even, to take some time for yourself to listen to the still, silent voice emerging from your heart’s great wisdom. This true voice once really connected with, will never lead you on the wrong path. Take the time to hear the answer to the questions: What experiences would make your heart sing with joy in this New Year? And how could you proceed to achieve its manifestation with ease and goodness? Are certain projects, work or people not helping you to raise your vibration and leaving you feeling tired rather than uplifted? Perhaps it is time, with an attitude of sincere gratitude to bless what you have learned through them and attract the people that can now help you to experience new and more fulfilling situations and relationships at home or at work.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Such as a new creative activity or endeavor to help you to stimulate a memory and awaken more deeply to the great divine treasure that you are?

And please consider that you are good enough now, to make that change or attract that new circumstance into your life, and not put off to the next month or next year to do what you would really love to be doing now. It takes a real commitment to diligently become aware of the thought patterns and unconscious ways we can talk ourselves out of achieving what our hearts presently yearn for, we often say: well I’ll try that perhaps next year when I’m better or stronger energetically etc..etc.. we’ve seen many souls procrastinate that way which can lead to much silent suffering. Believing in yourself requires a daily commitment of love to the self by lovingly and affectionately infusing positive inner self talk to re-parent your wounded inner child to perceive itself with a renewed confidence and then it takes courage to face and walk through those situations that before gave you fear.

Your would be surprised to see how much the Great energy of Life Itself will support those souls that have made a commitment to their divine selves to raise their awareness and vibration; indeed they are raising the collective vibration of humanity at the same time.    

And for some, what your soul is simply requiring of you this Year is some quiet time in tranquility, just reserving a sacred hour each night, even a half hour would be beneficial, to calm the mind and sit in absolute silence, just listening and absorbing the sweet but ever flowing love and guidance from your heart to deepen that connection.

In a world where our to do lists are long with many tasks and other people to please, each moment that you take to contemplate, feel and nurture your heart with your loving attention is worth its weight in gold to your soul. Below are some loving contemplations for you:

It is highly suggested to take the time to stoke the veritable furnace of your heart with compassion for yourself as a being who is still learning to choose love for self in every moment and with every breath, be as tender with the words you give to your inner child as you would love to receive from another……

Intend real forgiveness for what you judged was a response of non love toward you from the universe and accept responsibility for the creations that all your decisions have brought to your doorstep until this day and finally lavish each and every one of them with heartfelt gratitude as much as for the ones that brought you joy as for the ones that helped you to transcend your fears and your judgements and liberate your heart into a being that is self luminous.

Are you ready for more love than you have ever experienced before in your life?

Sometimes you have to make the space or create the time in order to allow fresh and new nourishing loving experiences into your life. See your life like an open chalice, waiting for you to fill it with the beauty of your dreams and boundless imagination stoked by the fires of your heart. When your heart’s desires are pure and for the reason of Love, and aligned with the Will of your Divine Heart, the Universe will respond with a Love and Grace that will melt all of your heart’s resistance to fully receiving them.

In the light of a heart that adores you, Aurelia (from her Great I Am)

Message received on January 6, 2019 by Nancy Fuoco (Telos Worldwide Foundation)

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