Message from Aurelia for February 2019 – Active Intention of Love

The mind has been given leadership over all aspects of your consciousness. To return to full consciousness, as divine beings, it is imperative that you now begin to turn the leadership over to the heart, and allow again the heart to rule rather than the mind.””

                                                               ~~ Ahnahmar, Telos Book 3, page 28

Dear ones, during this special month of Valentines which you have consecrated to the energy of Love, we suggest taking some precious, as well as rejuvenating moments for yourself, to dwell in the purity within the temple of your heart.

When you are genuinely connecting and tasting this divine flow of Love within your heart, you will feel the invincible quality of the Love Flame, it can raise you up, fill you so with such a potent fire of well being, that you will want to send it to all other beings on the planet, so that all may know this Love and that this love also exists within their hearts and is fully accessible to them…..Pure Love, once truly tapped into, only knows giving, only knows lifting, its energy is regenerative and gives to all Life.

When you direct this potent energy from your heart selflessly for the well being of another, its benedictions are multiplied many times and all benefit from its active intention. This active intention is not a conscious thought from the mind but a soul centered flow of Love, a feeling from the heart that you can experience as a wave of Love…..simply allow it to fill you up as though you were a container of Love itself, ask to only be contained with the energy of Love….once this energy of Love in action within you has reached a momentum or feels like an inner fire, this can be called a “passion” ….this passion within you can be very creative, surrendering to this flow of creative passion within can re-awaken in you long forgotten talents and abilities that your higher self has stored away for you to remember when the time is right.

During this month of Love we suggest a replenishing and fun exercise:

In the quiet moments of your day, take a moment to focus on the present moment. Imagine that this moment is all there is, taste the feeling that your soul is eternal… have already accomplished what you have set out to do…and there is only the beating of your heart to connect to….next intend to ignite a powerful flame of Love within your heart and send this active intention to bathe every cell of your Beingness with the pure light of your soul…..

then send this wave of love out to the Universe to touch the hearts and minds of all your brothers and sisters who may need and are open to receiving a special boost of Love at this time……..

You may imagine that this love that you have sent out is a tangible energy, and first it is touching the hearts of those who live along your street and it is growing and expanding to touch the hearts of all those in your country, then including the full continent until it spreads to include all the planet.

Love is a powerful and very connective energy, once a soul has allowed his or her heart to open once again to taste this fire of Love that Unites us all, whether it is from the wave of Love that you have sent out or from another, it is the same Love, it is the very same Love that beats and pulses in your brother`s and sister`s heart that beats within your heart and the heart of each human that has ever lived. The Love that you sent out may stoke their heart and help them to reconnect and remember who they are and that we are all United and called Home through the power and action of Love.

And finally, above all, love yourself with a Passion, nobody else can open to this Flame of Love within you….. but you…. We love you greatly and see your absolute worthiness.

Until we meet again, with infinite love, your sister Aurelia (The I AM Presence of Aurelia)

Message taken by Nancy Fuoco (Telos Worldwide Foundation), February 13, 2019 – Montreal

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