2019 Spring Equinox – Message from Aurelia

Many families of light are gathering in Telos and in the higher realms to celebrate this release of light in your dimension which will touch the hearts of many who are ready to shift and raise their vibration to a new level.

At the center of our Equinox celebrations in Telos, we have created a great Chalice of Love for humanity to which we are infusing during this special week with the most pure and ardent flames of love from our hearts. This Chalice of the Love Flame is not only being tended to and nourished by us in Telos but many neighbouring Light communities within the Agartha network and beyond, as well as the planetary hierarchy of Ascended Masters and Archangels. 

It is a great gathering for humanity and this flame is being infused with a new frequency for humanity, one that is birthed with the lightness of true freedom and planetary harmony though the loving vibrations of the heart. We invite you to connect to this Chalice of Love during this special week and let it alight an ardent fire in your own heart, one that is filled with the pure and perfect light of the seven sacred flames and allow its frequency to dissolve, transmute and rebirth any impurities or vibrations of non love in your hearts to pure love.

Then we also invite you, and most importantly, to take some moments for the sake of humanity to visualize and place your intention to send this Chalice of Light to shower all of Humanity and all other living beings on this earth to help raise the vibration and install the long awaited and new Aquarian (or Golden Age) of brotherhood of Love, Peace, Light and Unity of Love in Action on this planet.    

To those hearts that are ready to greet this new energy in their consciousness with openness, the momentum of light that is created can raise your frequency and bring to the surface long forgotten emotions that need to be released from your beingness. It is a good time to reflect and interioze on the present and past situations in your life which created these emotions. Once these emotions are released, a new vibration of Joy, Compassion, Faith and Unconditional love for self can be sustained in your energy field as well as a feeling that all is possible. 

In order to achieve this and in your quiet, contemplative time this week, we suggest taking some precious moments for yourself…. to meditate…. and come to the center of your heart…. to greet this very special being that you are with all the love and gentleness that your heart can generate. Intend to connect to this pure beautiful child within you with a tenderness and child like wonder, appreciate the beauty of your soul child and all its special gifts that are unique and remarkable…there is only one like you…behold with awe and reverence, that you have never seen yourself more beautiful…indeed see yourself as we see you…, this unique child of Light that you are is so powerful yet so pure, so beautiful and so dearly beloved.

You came here to create change and be a solution on this planet all the while creating that magical change within you. Even the small changes you create within you have the power and potential to positively affect many lives around you. Believe in yourself, and the awesome power and purity of Love within you, seize the moment and the great opportunity being afforded with this special momentum of light that is readily available within this change of season and the celebration of the Equinox. 

A wonderful little meditative exercise to do at this time: light a candle and imagine it is the great tri-fold flame of your heart expanding within your beingness, see its rainbow colors unfold before you…with your imagination and intuition see if there are any places in which the colors do not appear so vibrant, do not appear to be holding much of the vibrancy of your life spark…then ask for the great power and energy of the seven sacred flames /rays to come and infuse your heart with the vibration and pure sacred energies of the qualities which they hold in divine perfection to comfort, heal and revitalize your heart so that you may anchor more and more of your divine I Am Presence into your physical form now and forever.

With much love and in anticipation of our joyful reunion, Aurelia (of her Great I Am Presence)

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on March 19, 2019.

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