The Flame of Resurrection — Know Thyself — Easter 2019

Message from Aurelia and Sananda  –  Received by Nancy Fuoco

“ It is so important that you begin focusing on knowing and loving yourself. Beginning to know the Self is to Love it; it cannot be otherwise. This is exactly what will free you from all your burdens, sorrows, and limitations. “Knowing and loving our innermost being will bring you everything you ever longed for and desired.”

Therefore, the statement “Know Thyself” is the most wondrous and profound statement that exists in your language.”

                                   ~~ Seven Sacred Flames, pg. 170 by Aurelia Louise Jones

Dear children of my heart,

What a pleasure it is to connect with you as you read these words, as each one of you is held in a very special and tender place in my heart. Indeed, each and every one of you has an important service to render to All of Life and holds a unique place and vibration within it. Without your contribution, the great divine plan could not function as well as it does if not every one of you were an active part of it. As we witness in so many of you on a daily basis, you do not always see or feel your divine purpose, as we see you. At night when you come home in the Light realms to replenish, heal and learn, a large part of your endeavour is to powerfully reconnect to your I AM Presence, and we work with you to restore the memory of every goal, lesson and reason for your present incarnation to be available in your conscious awareness as you return to your physical body. Our common dream, is to see you walk this earth with as much love, light and feeling of importance as when you walked this earth as a child of Lemuria. To know yourself as fully as you can is to empower yourself to become a creator of Love.

However, in Telos, we observe many of you awaken to greet your day with agendas that are quite full and many times filled with activities that are really not necessary and sometimes not helpful to the fulfillment of your divine plan. If you could know how important you are and who you truly are and what you came here to do, we are sure you would begin to simplify your life and seek to add more activities that could offer you real opportunities to consciously access and connect to your divine memory and heal those parts within you that are still resisting surrendering to the great Ocean of Christ Love waiting to be set free for all time within your divine heart.

As we observe most lightworkers on the surface, we would say that the daily percentage of your comings and goings for the true fulfillment of your divine purpose is only 45%, with some certainly fulfilling more of their purpose and some even less. In this time of the Earth’s gradual ascension and for all beings who would like to remain to evolve and ascend alongside her, it is so very important to take the time that your soul needs to be in silence and to breathe this Now present moment to not only connect to all that may be needing attention in your emotional/mental body but to access the deep still guidance emanating from your higher self’s eternal river of wisdom. The more you connect with this inner wisdom, the easier it becomes to choose and discern which activities will enable you to work with the full intent and higher consciousness of your soul self. Until finally, you can effortlessly live your life with each task joyfully fulfilling your divine plan.

At this special time of Easter, we celebrate the great realization of our beloved brother, Jesus\Sananda. Jesus walked this earth with the full knowledge of who he was and with the importance of his divine mission. He walked with great Love and served with the powerful focus of what he knew he had to accomplish. He did not achieve this overnight, beloveds, it took much preparation, dedication, focus, constancy and finally, incredible courage and Faith in God who he served in surrender to Divine Will. He did this not for himself but for the Love of God and for the Love of what he knew was his great family, all of humanity.

A great part of his preparation was to connect so deeply within himself, to listen with his heart to the voice of his soul so that he could fully trust in his inner guidance and become that which he believed to be.

And still, it took much healing, he listened, welcomed, and tenderly loved every part of himself until each cell was holding so much love that it could only praise and give back Love to all of Life. His initiation was to be able to hold Love in his heart and to speak Love even in the face of those who would hurt him and even provoke him. He became an agent of Love serving for the reason of Love. And how much the Earth needs this kind of Love!… of truly selfless and purely giving Love. His greatest strength became the power of Love, and this kind of Love not only held him up, even in the face of much violence around him, but is the kind of steadfast Love that also sets others free.

Beloved children, this kind of Love is not only reserved for Jesus’ example but is the kind of Love that is attainable for you as well. Your initiations may not be as visceral as the ones that Jesus faced, but even within each seemingly small choice you may face in life, each choice that is made in Love, and for Love, has the potential to not only change the course of your life but also affect many lives around you for the better. Indeed, the very bedrock of Jesus’ strength was his love of self and how much he had come to know himself and why he had incarnated.

Jesus’ great message to you when he walked the earth is the same as it is now from his vantage point in the higher realms. Loving yourself, in full measure and to the maximum that your heart can allow is your life’s greatest mission. There is nothing more important that you can do.

Through Jesus’ selfless service thousands of years ago, the great Flame of Resurrection was anchored on earth. Through the daily and constant use of its actions and restorative energies, he achieved divine perfection and released all remaining negative energies he was holding in his four lower energy bodies. This great tool that Jesus used to accomplish this great victory is also readily available for your use and benefit and is even more powerful today. All that Jesus accomplished with the gift of the flame of resurrection is also possible for you and can be used with the same tenacity, devotion and focus that he exemplified years ago.

As Aurelia Louise described in her book, the Seven Sacred Flames, the Flame of Resurrection is at double intensity 40 days before and after Easter. Like Jesus, call on the Flame of Resurrection with constancy and with the deepest of devotion to your divinity, speak to it, set your intention with as much fire and focus as you can to create a momentum of energy and this flame will move miracles for you as it did for him. Ask for this flame to expand your consciousness so you may more deeply believe that all this, and more, is also possible for you. Finish by sending back to this great Flame all the love, light and gratitude your heart can bestow. As you serve Life, Life will serve you in return.

With everlasting Love and devotion, Aurelia (from her I AM Presence), Master Sananda and your Telosian family

(Message received by Nancy Fuoco on April 19, 2019) – Telos Worldwide Foundation

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