The Flame of Harmony for Inner and Outer Harmony — Message from Aurelia – Spring 2019

When harmony in the emotional body is restored, the body will align easily and the healing you seek will become permanent.”

~~ The Seven Sacred Flames, pg. 134, by Aurelia Louise Jones

Dear Children of my Heart,

It is a great joy to connect with you today, heart to heart, as you are reading these words and reflecting on the special and sacred energies of Spring. This special energy that we speak of is one of rebirthing, however, spring first begins in your heart, and in the hearts of all those on this planet who are collectively creating and recreating the vibrancy of every tree, flower and bush that you see in your natural landscape, indeed the very nature of the Life that is all around you. Has it been a difficult winter in your community? Have you felt turbulence in the emotions and thoughts of those around you or have you felt wellbeing, harmony and fulfillment? All this is reflected in whether your spring brings early (or later) warmer weather, flooding with too much water rising, or putting out fires a bit later into your summer, or perhaps the sprouting of your flowers and shrubs are slow to rise and are not abundant. All of the thoughts, inspirations and unresolved emotions that were created and lying seemingly dormant in the unconscious of the populace in the wintertime are now sprouting forth into the visible and manifested reality of your environment.

Here in Telos we know fully well, that the beauty and the paradise that is our natural landscape is a perfect reflection of the paradise that is in our hearts. It all begins there. Since the fall of our continent, we have diligently worked to remove (and remain free) of the negative weeds of anger, sorrow, blame, frustration and disappointment etc…indeed we have had to revisit every flavour of miscreation that we had accumulated in layers in our hearts…and most importantly have diligently trained ourselves on planting the positive seeds of all that our hearts yearn to create and attract such as Joy, abundant Love, Harmony, Beauty, Confidence, Peace and Gratitude…to name a few…and maintaining that focus…..and gradually, over time, we have recreated the paradise we once knew. And then having fully mastered our emotions once more, we could proceed with the joyful work at hand…that of creating the nature that surrounds us with the fruits of the sweetness, tenderness, beauty and ardent love from the magic that now could be expressed in full freedom from our hearts.

Have you ever beheld a beautiful flower and thought that you could have created it with your imagination? We take great pride and joy in the beauty that we surround ourselves with in our environment. This spring, take a look around you…have you noticed any new flowers or new colors that simply take your breath away?

We would like you to be fully aware that every breath of contentment, every joyous emotion, ecstatic thought and good and positive vibration that emanates from you contributes to the community, and indeed planetary creation of your environment. Please be conscious that you are powerful Creators of the highest magnitude! You have chosen to come here, to Earth, to uplift and to plant your particular seeds of Love and Light to cleanse, nurture, heal and embellish all of creation and the more you raise your vibration, the more you have a responsibility to maintain a positive energetic contribution.

And each year, the more you have transcended your ego to allow the fires of your love to transform your inner world, the more deeply you have opened yourself to the positive expression of each divine quality within you, the more deeply they have been planted and made available to all of humanity.

The expression of each beautiful quality may find itself sprouted in a dazzling new flower, or in colors that are ever more vibrant with ever new hues of green……take a moment now to focus on this essence of green that supports and nourishes Mother Earth, this green flame that is holding all of nature in a state of perfect balance, filling all of Life with a nurturing, uplifting, healthy glowing replenishing energy….this is the same energy that nourishes and inspires the elementals and fairy kingdoms with their magical essence of joy, mirth, playfulness and restorative energy. A key knowing in order to create magic, which is very abundant in the green ray, is a natural understanding of the laws of creation. You would be delightfully surprised to behold what you could create through the innocence and purity of your inner child. The magic begins inside of you dear ones, not outside of you. The fairies will be the first to show you that, they create with their joy, they are our models…when we connect with them we relearn what it is to connect to the magic of the inner child, of holding and expressing a sustained joy. Because of its magical energies, the green ray can help us to see the magic in nature and indeed in all things.

It is no surprise that we feel so good when out in nature, we are bathing in its essence of harmony and joy…and connecting with the rays of the great Flame of Healing and Harmony. This is why we feel disconnected from the wellbeing of nature when in big cities and urban towns, which hold little of the green ray so well imbued in nature which powerfully helps us to balance our mental and emotional bodies…the green flame has the effect to sooth our emotions and calm our mental body, allowing us to also calm the nervous system. When we are in a state of tranquility, we can feel the harmony within nature. Nature is one of the greatest examples for the flame of Harmony. Nature is in perfect harmony with each other aspect of it, it is a natural process. Unlike Mother Nature, we can choose to be in disharmony or in harmony within ourselves and with all that is outside of us in our environment.

Choosing to honor and respect others is to choose to live in harmony and in doing so, it will then come to fill your heart with this divine energy. Consciously choosing to be in harmony with all others can instil a deep peace in your soul and it also can show you what you still need to heal within yourself in order to accept others exactly as they are.

Where are you resisting honouring the Life or characteristics of another? Answering this question is to know where you are resisting honouring yourself. Where do you still need to come to peace with within yourself? When you are at peace with all of life, you are at peace with all that moves within you. In this state of inner Harmony, you can more easily become the observer and then bless all of life to help sustain the Life around you, to become a healing energy, an energy that is giving and contributing to the great Flame of Harmony around the world.

The Earth is in great need of this Flame. Every soul who consciously contributes to the energy of cooperation, of sharing, of generosity, of community helps make of this world a loving and harmonious worldwide community.

Make taking the time and making the effort to listen to your neighbour and helping to fulfill each others’ needs can become the normal way of life, a natural way of inter-relating with each other. This Spring, we invite you to welcome the Emerald Green ray of healing more intimately into your Life to establish a greater sense of clarity in your thoughts and then with ease and grace, create more serene heart resonant emotions for a more peaceful inner harmony. Your inner harmony will then come to help sustain and powerfully nourish the flame of harmony around the world.

In the name of Love and Harmony, Aurelia (from her I Am Presence)

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on May 19, 2019

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