Message from Adama — The Heart’s Frequency of Trust — June 2019

<< On the surface, you carry the same heart frequency that we do. Your mind may tell you that this is not true, but your heart trusts. Trust is the core energy of the Heart. It cannot be otherwise.

                                      ~~Celestia, Telos Book 3, pg. 24 by Aurelia Louise Jones

Dear Children of the One Heart, I AM Adama,

It is with the greatest joy that we connect our hearts to yours today, showering you with waves of divine love to envelop your heart with a remembrance of the fullness of these frequencies your heart once mastered so well in the time of Lemuria.

We speak today of a core heart frequency that is vitally important for you to continue to re-integrate and foster, one that can teach you about yourself and create small miracles in your life. Trust is a connective energy, establishing bridges of light and connection between you and all beings, allowing you to sense and connect to other hearts. Trust is also Openness, the more you trust, the more you are able to allow, experience and savour all of the sweet moments of Life without limit.

Are you fully conscious of the level of trust, dear One, you are able to open your heart to? You may be surprised at what you discover.

In Telos, we have for some time fully healed our past wounds and surrendered our egos to our true divine nature so that we may fully magnetize Trust. Our hearts are completely open and allowing the manifestation of the beauty and veritable paradise that is the fruit of our inner imagination…we have shaped and made our world with the fires of Love of our Hearts….our world is what we make of it…what we imagine it is…it is the sum total of all that lies within our conscious and unconscious beingness. Most of humanity are not capable of creating with this kind of freedom of the heart as many past lives and painful experiences have led each of you to create many walls of protection over your hearts. You have placed a barrier between you and the natural flow of receiving all that is good and every kind of unlimited supply of Love that your hearts can imagine. These barriers consist of such energies as disappointments, feelings of being less than and what you have considered to be betrayals or abandonments from those around you and ultimately from yourself.

The result is that many of you cannot fully let love in…even when you experience a wonderful and most satisfying manifestation, you cannot permit yourselves to fully savour the moment, these many unconscious fears born of past experiences have taught you not to fully trust the good you receive, you fear the other shoe may drop or that something will come to take away your happiness. You fear that Life cannot be this good to you…you instinctively block the full sweetness of life and of love from coming into your life without restraint…Trust is a natural response…do you Trust Love? do you Trust with the full might of your heart that your Life experience can bring you great happiness? A fully open and trusting heart can possibly even experience the heights of Love such as ecstasy…all hearts are made the same with the same capability to experience the fullness of this kind of Love….just as ours are in Telos, we are no different.

Trust is a powerful energy, imagine it as a great Flame in your heart, like a great Torch which can help you heal your fears…ask for Trust to be established in your heart and bridge every distance for you to bring to you all that you need to understand and reconcile. Teaching and nurturing your heart to fully Trust again is a process that requires patience. A child that has experienced trauma or negative perceptions of her/his self no longer automatically trusts. You must relearn to believe again that you are fully worthy and capable of loving to that degree. You will never regret having done so as you will no longer need to manifest scenarios that come to sabotage your long sought after happiness or that unfortunately come to validate the unconscious perceptions you may still have that haven’t yet evolved to a higher opinion of self, or finally where you believe that Life will never bring you all that you desire. The process of healing is to equalize all of this in the great flame of your heart with forgiveness and compassion. Once you have felt compassion and forgiveness for yourself, you can work with Trust as an active energy. To fully trust is to open your heart again, to allow yourself to Love and feel fully Alive. A child trusts so easily, it hasn’t learned the need to protect itself. It is quite possible to re-attain that state of innocence again and to fully trust that you are loved. How much can you trust beloved? Indeed how much of Life’s great good do you choose to trust and allow yourself to merge with? An ascended master’s heart can span an entire ocean, a country, a continent, indeed all of the planet and more….

We would like to suggest to you now a highly beneficial exercise in working with Trust. Reserve some time for yourself to take a look at all the areas in your life and identify where you do not Trust, there are always some areas where you trust more than others, where do you not allow the Great Life to bring to you all that your heart yearns to experience and become? Where do you block the flow of every good thing that would naturally be open and possible for you to experience? Imagine that the energy of Trust is a living energy that will help you burn through all the doubts, anger, disappointments, regrets and pain that hold you in repetitive patterns of lack of love. Sometimes the pain of a past event was too great to be felt and experienced in your present moment or daily life. In these cases, your Higher Self has taken this pain and stored it in your cellular memory to be revisited when you are once again able to process it. If a soul has repeatedly resisted revisiting these emotions to allow them to re-surface and to be released they must now be somatised in their lower physical bodies and will often see the light of day as a physical disharmony which can no longer be denied. If still resisted, they will develop as a cancer or another type of physical ailment. We ask here that you turn over these wounds and negative emotions to the sacred fires of your mighty I Am Presence, for each energy that you have not yet allowed yourself to fully release yet, she/he will take each one and begin the process of transmutation. You may also ask Mother Mary and her Immaculate heart of Love to assist you in transmuting the fears that are most painful to you. Whatever happiness you feel you are being denied dear ones, whatever you feel you cannot have because it is seemingly out of your reach, take these emotions and ask your divine self to transform them through the action of the alchemy of the heart and the fires of the Christ Consciousness available in your heart which can heal and liberate you, as well as all the compassion, forgiveness, grace and joy that your heart can summon.

It is highly important also to seek to re-establish a perfect Trust in your Divine Self and to heal the wounds of all your past lives where you had suffered for your divine mission and you felt forsaken by your divinity. As Jesus felt when on the Cross, we have often felt abandoned or betrayed by our divine selves and often made vows that we would never believe again or that life was too hard; we have often directed much anger toward our Higher Self and suffered disconnection as a result; as well as the consequence of the manifestation of these emotions lifetime after lifetime. Intend now beloved to reconnect and resolve each of these moments by bathing them with the fires of purity and grace of your heart. Faith will maintain your frequency so that Trust can be instilled in your heart and now Love can flow, and only Love has the power to renew all of Life, to resurrect and reconnect with its nurturing and all-encompassing magic.

With a true and eternally devoted Heart, I AM Adama

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on June 9, 2019 for the Telos Worldwide Foundation

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