The Power of Love and Unity

Message from Adama for the month of December and based on the following quote:     

“The heart, however, is aware only of unity, which is the product of unconditional love and forgiveness. Forgiveness is what will allow you to stop eluding the pain that has been there for so long. The light of awareness will enter into the parts of your soul that have long been relegated to the shadows, and you will no longer be able to deny yourselves entry into the Heart of Lemuria that exists around you without veil at all times…And what will it be like to awaken free of all veils ? …It will be like your heart has burst into a realm of infinite possibility and infinite joy.” 

                                                                                                   ~~ Telos book 3, pg. 39, Aurelia Louise Jones

Dear children of my Heart,

I welcome you today in this sacred moment with gentle waves of pure love, waves of pure flowing grace emanating from the center of my Heart, to touch and awaken the purest part of your heart. The part of your heart that is invincible, the part that is divine and is capable of shining through all veils of illusion. Once you are genuinely connecting to that inextinguishable source, it will always guide you in the right direction and fill your beingness with the Faith that you need to recenter you in the coherent and creative vibration of the heart which is always giving and always providing the light and nourishment you need to succeed all your initiations.  

Indeed, we are in a time where the future does not seem clear for many, nor the outcome assured and you may be navigating through a multitude of emotions that have tested your very foundations. Many have meditated and been greatly inspired and empowered by their heart’s guidance only to be knocked off center again when something negative re-occurs in their lives. In such moments of despair or great doubt, call on the flame of the Christ that burns brightly in your heart, ignite the power of the sun of your heart to fill your spirit with the power of Love that is necessary to move you through all resistance or anger that is still impeding your happiness. This eternal flame that resides in the core of your being can illumine any darkness or sadness into the hope and joy that you need to breakthrough to a new level of positivity and confidence. With enough constancy and momentum, you will indeed attract all the delights your heart has been yearning for. When you let go of the objections, the reasons why you cannot accomplish something you would like to do, magic happens. Simply let your love show you the way. What does your Divine Inner Child yearn to express as this important year comes to a finish ? Creating change in your life sometimes takes courage and it takes a willingness to affirm to your divinity that you are ready to break out of a pattern, to transcend what you have been used to, to transcend those old comfort levels of the past and move into a new and higher expression of you.

Know that your I AM Presence, in collaboration with the great Intelligence of Life, has labored for a very long time, through a great many lifetimes, to bring you to the very place that you are right now, in this era, time and place, to face what you need to face, to feel what you need to feel, and to bring a new light of awareness into your beingness so that you may see and acknowledge those parts of you you were not willing before to Love, and the more you Unite with the Great I AM of your heart, the more you Unite with all of Creation.

You carry within you the great splendour and wisdom of a Heart that has lived through eons of human experience and initiations of Love. You do not know the power you carry within your heart, and the energy you have at your command when earnestly called on. Rest assured, this experience of a worldwide virus you have seen before, you have passed through such challenging situations in the past on this Earth and always your Faith in Life has brought you through as well as an always deeper understanding of what is important in Life, the value of living in Harmony and Unity with all peoples of the Earth, no matter their color of skin, their Faith or upbringing.

Each human is born an equal part of the Creator and each person is contributing their energy and beliefs to the collective consciousness of this planet. The higher in vibration you become, the more you feel a sense of responsibility to remain centered, as your thoughts can powerfully affect your neighbor, your community or even your brothers and sisters in another country, and vice versa. We are indeed One. Can you maintain Love, Tolerance and Compassionate understanding for a point of view that is unlike your own?  Or toward a neighbor who’s spiritual tradition is different than yours ? These can be the greatest tests to teach you what amount of love and inner harmony you are holding within your own heart.

Unity must be felt within first. Humanity at this time is moving through great amounts of karma. The deep seeded fears, judgements, and doubts that each feels inside themselves are not only creating their own reality but are contributing to the collective reality humanity is living through.

Once you are a heart that has let go of all judgements, once your heart is completely harmless toward another and hence toward yourself, you will be able to return to and open to the heart of All That Is that your divine being has long sought to re-attain on this planet.

It is then that you will be able to truly perceive with great love, that all others live in your heart, and truly welcome them all there. You will, with great delight, truly see the divinity in the eyes of another, as all that you see will reflect the divinity within. You will see through the illusion of skin color and ethnic origin and never fear their influence as nothing is outside of you. When you have reached this plateau, you will be uplifted into the next dimension, with an immense and blissful gratitude in your heart for each and everything lesson that has permitted you to return home to the Heart of Love.

Within the fires of an invincible heart, I AM Adama

Message channeled by Nancy Fuoco on December 9, 2020.

Returning to the Simplicity of the Heart

Message from Adama for the Autumn Equinox

Dear children of the One Heart,

It is with sheer joy and delight that we connect with you today at this special time of the change of the season, the time of the autumnal equinox. During this special month of celebration, Telos and many other subterranean cities of Light are gathering in honor of this most important time in the evolution of humanity on our beloved Mother Earth Virgo. Earth and its inhabitants are the focus of so much solar light filtering into the planetary heart and soul, humanity is now evolving at a very fast rate and we of the company of Light, celebrate each positive step forward, each breakthrough in consciousness, each choice that was made in the name of Love and Harmony.

Many of you are facing major initiations and changes during these challenging times and are learning to summon the strength of their Faith and live with Courage like never before. Never has there been more Love available to you from on high when faced with a situation that you need to rise above. Most of you do not fully know the impact your thoughts, words and actions have on your neighbor. There are many currents of energy circulating on the planet right now. Which ones are you attracting to you? Your free will and level of vibration will either lead you to a choice of giving in to fear or loss along with its accompanying negative thoughts and emotions or you can choose to become a powerful transformer of energy, one that is helping to uplift and enlighten the collective consciousness of Humanity. The more you can look at the fear you may be experiencing and truly thank it for what it is teaching you about yourself, the more it will be easy to reach inside yourself for the inspiration and guidance that you crucially need right now to allow abundance and generosity to flow in your life.

When you can truly thank all that is happening in your world today, and welcome each and every thought and feeling needing the light of forgiveness into the sacred fires of your heart, the more you are truly transmuting and opening your heart to finally allow in the infinite joyous possibilities that are all lined up awaiting your openness to receive them in this now moment. If you do not have enough Love in your beingness yet to be able to respond to uncertainty with the confidence and creativity that can change your reality, patience is required to take the time to hear and nurture the wounded aspects of your heart that still need to be tended to. Once you have integrated these energies, your heart will no longer resist the Love that has been but waiting to quickly fulfill your needs.

As Light bearers in this world, the importance of constantly returning to your center, your heart’s wisdom, is primordial especially when choices need to be made and your opinions are requested. Currently, there is a great deal of misinformation in circulation, as each side believes they have the truth, and these truths quite often contradict each other, causing confusion and most often division. When someone claims to have all the truth, this is where you must use discernment. Your heart’s guidance is very simple. Ask yourself, does this information instill a Peace in my heart? Does it strengthen my Faith and help to promote Unity between myself and others?

Taking the time to daily listen to your feelings, to listen to the nature and scope of your feelings will help you to become more fluent in the language of your own heart. Children instinctively act upon their feelings, their rational minds are not given the chance to lead them in any other direction than what can fulfill the need of their heart. They are naturally led by their heart and Life is about enjoyment. The Children of Telos come to us with an energy of sweet freedom of the heart. Their energy can help us to return to the simplicity of the heart’s truth. In this energy, we can more easily release expectations and the need for our reality to be a certain way, they can help us to live more fully in the moment and find what is lovable and enjoyable in our day to day experience. The children beckon you to let your heart lead the way. When you allow your rational mind to take a back seat, you will be able to hear the song of love of your heart, indeed it is more like a chorus! Will you join this orchestra and allow yourself to hear your heart’s call ? Can you hear its sweet songs of freedom? What brings pleasure and gratification for you? Once you discern what that is, we encourage you to take the steps to move in that direction. For many, this takes a constant effort to continue to listen to that inner voice as we have put layers over our hearts over time and it can take courage and diligent effort to dissolve them.

We perceive many worrying about tomorrow and what the world will become, we encourage you to hold onto your Faith and consciously call on the energies of the Lemurian Heart to merge with yours and to help to gradually return you and your society to the state of innocence, simplicity and expectant joy that can once again create openness and spontaneous expression in your world. Each one of you is so powerful and can help humanity to resolve the current reality of Covid 19 on this planet. Your long-standing energy of mistrust towards your leaders has maintained you in a state of constant disappointment between you and those that govern your countries, a reality which has you continually creating more of what you do not want to experience.

The children and the youth do not carry as much baggage, their perception for the manifestation of a good leadership is not as affected by the weight of karmic deceptions and cynicism of the past, their hearts are more open and they can imagine and attract representatives that are good and fair. Because their spirit is optimistic and more pure, they open the door to allow them to also express their higher nature. There is a popular cultural story or tale that you know well, by the name of the Grinch who stole Christmas. The Grinch turned everybody away until finally he was touched and convinced by the love of a little girl who still believed in his innocence and goodness. With unwavering optimism, she held him in a pure and loving regard until he finally could see this within himself. Ultimately, we are still in the process of releasing the self judgements and inner anger that we have stored in our cellular memory over long periods of time, it takes determination and unwavering optimism to love ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters enough to transform the individual and collective planetary consciousness into a world of harmony and joy. In this time of great change where the paradigms are shifting, your positive contribution to the collective consciousness could help change the world.

It is not a coincidence that the youth of the world are awakening in greater numbers and are becoming a more vocal and positive force in the world today. Hearts brimming with the fires of altruism and love, they feel a particular responsibility to speak up to create their vision of a better world, one where love, equality and unity can abide beautifully.

We welcome you dear ones to join your hearts to ours and take part in this month’s celebration of the autumnal equinox in Telos, a week’s long celebration in which we gather to pray intensely for mankind to transcend its self-imposed limitations and realize its long held potential of Love. Under the radiance and Love of the Goddess of the Moon and the stars and planets, we pray for the full resurrection of all the hearts of humanity. The children are at the center of the circle, reverently singing songs of joy and Oneness into the atmosphere. Overlaid over the collective heart of humanity is a magnificent and immaculate Diamond Heart serving to beam the light of the highest truths of Love and Christ purity into its every facet. So much of the negativity of the collective heart, the seeming unfairness, illusion of lack and inequality, is rising daily to the surface to be expressed and inevitably transmuted. We invite you also to dream with us….to add your dreams for humanity and join us in the co-creation of the new golden age of Aquarius, this New World that is dawning and being filled with honor, gentleness, harmony and unlimited Love. 

With a heart that is constant and flowing with limitless joy, I AM Adama and the Children of Telos

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on September 22, 2020

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