The Alchemy of Self Compassion

You must be willing to do the work to strip away all of the accumulated layers of illusion that hide `you` from the real you. >>

Ahnahmar, Telos book 3, pg 8 – 11. Aurelia Louise Jones

Dear Children of the Lemurian Heart,

We come to you today with blessings of the sweetest love so pleased to be sharing this special moment with you. This special month of July is marked with many celebrations and milestones, among those the commemoration of our dear Aurelia Louise who ten years ago ascended through the veil into the light realms.

This summer, as we honor the teachings that Aurelia brought to the world through the Telos books she, in turn, most sincerely wishes to honor you. Each precious soul that has read the books over the years has read them in such loving communion with her (and their Telosian family) and each time she has seen someone’s heart fill with loving remembrance, your hearts have communed in true divine happiness together.

Each one of you is an important key in helping to spread the message of Love of Telos all over the world, the Love you have generated has helped create a vibrant web of love and light reuniting and informing every heart their true way home. You are all such a unique and very important part of this effort, beloved for who you are and what you do.

As you are reading these words, you are bathing in the energies of tender Love of the Lemurian heart now pulsing and flowing to you from the heart of Telos. We rejoice to see you accepting this Love and opening your hearts to reawaken your cellular memories of what it was like to live with a heart that breathed in total freedom and full connection to the Source of All that Is. If the grace of these words speak to you, this state of blissful freedom of the heart is calling you now and is part of your soul’s spiritual potential.

If the great wisdom of your heart is gently yearning to be fully heard again, lived and expressed, you are a child of Lemuria and this frequency is in your ancestral memories now ready to be explored. Each heart that is awakening now serves to form another link in this great chain of hearts all over the world creating a fire of compassionate Love that can greatly affect and ignite those yet un-awakened hearts to open to the frequency of Trust and the Christ Love within.

Take a moment now to feel the vibration of the word compassion…feel the goodness, the benevolence and saving grace of this energy. Implicit in its meaning is to stoke the fires of the heart, igniting a passion for the sake of Love. It’s great strength stems from the fact that it is an act of giving without wanting anything in return.

It is a selfless gesture of Love, and when such an energy is received by the other’s heart, the purity and truth of this compassion can not only touch their hearts but literally help to lift them out of their predicament. Compassion is one of the most beneficial core energies that can be invoked and anchored onto the Earth, we invite you to invoke it more consciously for yourself and for every man, woman and child on this planet.

When you intend to direct compassion to another, you are gifting them, and everyone, with the energy of understanding, of tolerance and of humility…it is to be able to say, I could also be in your shoes (Indeed I Am in your shoes)…and I choose to shower you with a regard that is benevolent, gracious and loving, and the purer your intention, the more you have transcended your ego and the more its fire of transformation will affect the other. This great capability of Love that you have alchemized in your heart is quite a gift for your brother or sister to receive.

Once you emit a true and real intention to your divine self to be uplifted from your situation, compassion will come to create the gentle space you need so that your heart may be heard and felt, acting as a balm of love to change the very nature of the words you speak to yourself, with a more kindly, gentler and understanding manner, helping you to move into a place of Grace and the place of the inner parent that knows that nothing is more important than loving your child through anything it may have done, there is nothing you may have done that is not understandable and there is no impasse that Love cannot forgive as Love is always deeper than any pain you may have experienced in the past, indeed Love is the divine blueprint of your heart, it is the living Light we are all made of.

And from this living light, call on the fires of Compassion to sustain you in Love. Take each and every emotion you’d like to transmute into your divine heart by formulating a sincere prayer and your mighty I Am Presence will ignite the Compassion necessary to help shift any and all painful or negative emotions into a more positive, creative frequency. Energetically, Compassion can act like an ointment for the Heart, it can calm troubling emotions and sow or mend together again any area that has suffered a separation, trauma or a prolonged judgement. It can lift you out of illusion and help you see the gift in any situation and maintain you in a state of self-Love.

Simply intend for your heart to fill with Compassion and begin the process of looking at your life through the warm regard of its benevolent, gracious and forgiving energy. There is no other door you can pass through to evolve, no other way to absolve yourself of your karma. Compassion is a key frequency to transmute karma for yourself and for the collective karma.

It is also important to state that one must be open and willing to allow its transmutational frequency to work with you. Before you are able to fully look upon another with a benevolent, gracious and loving regard, you must be capable to fully look upon yourself that way. To do so is to master your emotions. Applying a conscious attitude of self-compassion towards everything you have said, done and experienced on a daily basis is to take another step toward your divinity and toward maintaining a healthy self-regard and ego.

Self- compassion is highly applicable not only on your most challenging emotions but as a daily choice for all situations that you may experience as smaller, or rather more subtle, as many emotions have not fully emerged from the subconscious and others are almost fully integrated.

Dear Ones, I could not suggest a more fruitful exercise than to call on the flame of compassion in your daily meditation practice and day to day lives, you may intend to merge with it until, with diligent use, you have become the gracious light of compassion for yourself in all that you see and believe. Let yourself be uplifted as on wings of angels in the way you see yourself and start seeing things exactly as they truly are, through the eyes of Love. Once you see how these perceptions and experiences have well served you, you can finally reap their rewards and like magic, you will be filled with all the self-love and joyous creations that your heart has long been yearning for.

In the Light and Fire of a compassionate heart, I Am Adama,

Message received by Nancy Fuoco – July 7, 2019

*** Please note that quotes taken from this page for any other publications must have approval from the author and the Telos Worldwide Foundation, please share while acknowledging the source page of the material. Many Thanks.***

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