Message from Adama for September 2019 – The Magic of Surrendering to Divine Will

Dear child of my heart,

As the end of the summer is steadily approaching, many of you are turning your attention to the Fall season and asking yourselves how you will spend your energy: What activities should you turn to? Should you plan a vacation or take a new course? What can you do to deepen your soul’s connection? In truth, you are always searching and seeking in every way to strive toward the fulfillment of your heart’s desires…and as you move toward your goals you are always unconsciously seeking to become more of who you truly are…to come closer to rest in the radiant wholeness of your divine being.

However for some of you this summer, and at any time throughout your life, you have or will encounter situations or manifestations that may be asking you to be perseverant, patient and committed to your continued progress as you are presented with long held unconscious negative perceptions of yourself and your life that you are ready to transcend, and you are now being tested. Know that you do not walk this path alone, myself, Adama, and your divine family are always with you.

Many times the Great Life, and your Higher Self, will attract for you the perfect scenarios, with all its supporting actors, to help you to revisit the same emotions and illusions that in the past have created much heartache and pain in your life.

What is different now you ask? The answer has to come from inside of you. Are you ready to let go of the ego’s way of perceiving the situation? Are you ready to be brave and accept a new way of seeing yourself, one that isn’t based on your usual ways that have been deemed safe by you? Are you ready to grow and accept what the situation is teaching you with the full humility of the heart?

Sometimes this can be the most difficult step as we often store away the most painful emotions for a very long time, unwilling to re-integrate their lessons until we are fully ready to once again take full responsibility for having created them in the first place. Once we are fully ready to surrender the ego’s view that it has been a victim, short-changed, misunderstood or rejected, we are ready to view things the way they truly are, and now these long buried emotions can finally rise to the surface to be transmuted.

One of the ways your ego keeps you holding on to less than joyous emotions are the expectations that it creates regarding your outlook on your life in every regard. Holding on to an expectation of a situation from your ego’s perspective of what you think something should be for you or what you think you should have by now in your life etc…is the perfect recipe to keep you from attracting the great good that is due you.

Most often, expectations are also based on our observations of what others have received in their lives, and these almost always serve to delay us from receiving the unexpected wonders that our own higher self has in store for us. They keep us comparing ourselves to our friends and neighbors and if our life’s story seems to come up short of what we expect, our continuous negative mental and emotional scripts can keep us or delay us from receiving and fully enjoying our own unique destiny.

And when you reflect on what you will have in your future, worry not, take a moment to give your worries to Mother Mary and your heart will be filled with the grace of angels. And then focus instead on filling your heart with feelings of happiness and plenitude, ask for Faith to uplift you to a safe and loving place within the embrace of your soul. There is nothing that has been placed on your path that you are not highly assisted to move and triumph through. You are the Faith necessary to move through your obstacles, open your heart to the Faith that is there, waiting to lift you to a higher perspective, one that has been filled with Grace.

It is highly recommended as a continued exercise to take the time to become aware of all the expectations you are holding (from smaller to larger ones in scope) and release them from your life, and live and savor as much as you can the present moment, where the true point of creation exists, without worrying what tomorrow will bring you.

Place as much positive thoughts and joyful feelings and reflections on what you are experiencing in the moment and you will attract more of the same like a magnet. When you let go of all of your expectations and simply allow your heart to express itself and create all of your next moments, you will truly find yourself…

When you finally say I am now ready to trust the process and surrender my ego’s perception to choose a new way of seeing my present life circumstances, you are now ready to change what you believe about yourself and die to the old you, and the new way of perceiving yourself will go out in the world creating new links into every reality that you are, and you are now re-creating your life and creating a new you.

When you love yourself through everything, and love yourself enough to choose yourself first everywhere you need to as well as through any perception of yourself that you may be addressing, you have loved yourself free. And what a gift to the world you are!

Once you have fully surrendered your ego’s will to your Divine Will, the Universe will also follow suit and much in your life will now manifest and fall into place as though by magic. The more you are fully surrendered to your higher self’s Will, the more your creations and service to life will become fruitful and effortless and your path in life will be paved on the heavenly fires of ease and grace. Once you have taken that final step, we will be there, waiting to take your hand, along with your spiritual family, with an ocean of Love, true Joy and an unshakable Faith in you.

I AM Adama. The Faithful One

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on September 4, 2019


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