Becoming Love in Action – Message from Adama for Autumn 2019

Message channelled by Nancy F. and based on the quote below:

“If you want peace, love and prosperity, beloveds, hold those divine qualities in your heart in perfect harmony and unity of consciousness. What you really want to manifest, you must first unite with consciously and with great love. What you do on the earth plane, beloved ones, all your projects and activities, are always temporary and simply part of the passage of time. But whatever you become, by the embracing of your divine nature, remains with you for eternity. Telos Vol. 1, pg. 124, 125. Galatia”

Dear hearts, today as you are reading these words, and allowing them to nurture and touch your hearts, we are inviting you to take some moments to quiet your mind, descend into your heart space and feel Our Presence united with yours there. In this tender moment, simply intend to let go of the busy outer activity of your world and breathe in this Vibration of pure Love, this tender stream of pure Vibrant Living Light that is gently and compassionately, connecting with your heart. And in this moment, you have a choice, should you open to receive this Love, you are also affirming yourself as that Love and you are moving into the vibrational resonance of that Love. When you tell the Universe I Am Love, indeed I Am that I Am, it will move mountains to help you to resolve the areas in which you stopped believing in yourself and in Life. Every time you say Yes to Love, you are becoming more Love.

As you continue this exercise of awareness, simply breathe in this Love in the present moment and intend to truly listen to what is there and allow your energy to move deeply within your heart; to envelop the parts of you where you don’t truly believe that you are loved, where you cannot yet accept Love for yourself. As you allow these parts of you to be heard and felt, they will come to the surface to be requalified as light. In the past, and in past lives, you experienced many scenarios that caused you to, at the time, choose to feel neglected, disappointed or abandoned. These parts of you contain painful emotions and memories that were unresolved and unexpressed, they must now be cherished, welcomed and nourished so they may now surface their emotions to be transmuted within the fires of your divine heart.

These negative beliefs and perceptions of self and their corresponding emotions, have been engrained over time in your consciousness and need intention, diligence, constancy and pure Love to be, little by little, transcended and transmuted in order for you to unify with and anchor their positive polarity once again. We recommend repeating this simple exercise on a daily basis, or as often as you can in a week, in order to train yourself once more to become fully aware and connected to the energies that lie in wait in your heart for your full attention

For those energies that you, so to speak, have ignored, know that if you do not consciously seek to reconnect with those energies of your heart that have not come home yet, life will seek to help you do so by manifesting and replaying for you once again these perfect stories of lack and rejection that you have not yet resolved. You cannot become what you have not yet understood, in order to reap the great rewards and gifts that these lessons are affording you, you must integrate the wisdom that the situation is showing you before you can unify totally with the positive quality and character trait that was affected once more.

Dear Ones, should you place your intention to greet every situation that is presented to you, with as much love, devotion and humility that your heart can allow, you will benefit from its great lessons much more rapidly. In this way, you can more easily allow the Great Life to serve you. As Life presents you with its variety of qualities and their scenarios that you need to master and embody, allow Love, in its infinite and perfect wisdom, to teach you how to fully Love again, the more you surrender your egoic desires and place yourself totally in the hands of your divine self, the faster you will become Love and reap the rewards of its energy. Love is the great Teacher that will serve you perfectly. When you are able to perceive the great gifts that your Life’s initiations are bestowing on you, and open your heart to them with full gratitude, you are almost free of the negative beliefs and perceptions that had you mired in illusion for so long. 

You will once again be able to connect to your Divine Truth and see yourself, know and declare that you are the vibration of Love in all the positive qualities and attributes of your Divine Self. This is the dance of reconnection we are all moving through, to reconnect totally with our I Am Presence and become its Victory of Love in Action on Earth and in all thatwe do. Many experience that it is easy to open to Love when we are in situations where love is abundant; however, it is in the face of our toughest challenges that we are truly tested, as we must open to what we resist and what we have avoided loving or have judged. Our ego tells us that it is weakness to Love in response, that we must continue to protect ourselves, however, opening our hearts to what we fear is the fastest way to unify and pass through it.

We observe that in the lives of many, there are certain situations, to varying degrees, where it has been difficult for you to allow yourself to open your heart in the face of what has caused you to close it over and over again and in some cases, for many lifetimes. Sometimes this is a subtle behaviour, something occurs in your life and it causes your heart to contract slightly. In other cases, the closing of the heart is more dramatic and the result is that it causes you to declare to the world that you are not what you so desperately want to be, or that you don’t have what you so dearly want. Many times this is done in anger or in deep seated feelings of rejection and is mostly in the subconscious body. It takes time to heal these reactions as we must remove the layers of protection around our hearts little by little.

Healing is a gradual process, once you are bathing in higher Love, which you’ll find in abundance within you when invoked in prayer or meditation, intend to sustain enough Love in those areas that need it until you can say Yes ! It is possible for me to be that Love (for which I felt was impossible to be in the past) …and I can now affirm…Yes I Am that which I seek….in so doing I have now agreed to let go of the illusion that I Am not totally united with my divine spirit. Nothing is denied to you when you are fully connected, and anchored within this Love. When you can say:  I Am the infinitely giving light of my I Am Presence in action, I Am fully living the abundance and the plenitude of Love in every facet of expression of my Divine Diamond Heart. This is the paradise of my divine birthright. I can say that I Am indeed a co-creator of the New Earth which the children of the Light are creating day by day with their conscious intent of choosing Love in every moment. Your world has now become a world of open possibilities. A free heart can now truly taste its flavour of anything is possible, and finally the blissful sweet realization that you are living, breathing and co-creating in a matrix of Love of infinite joyous possibilities. Enjoy!

From a Heart of Infinite Love, I Am Adama

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on October 14, 2019

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