Celebration of the Winter Solstice — The Tree of Life within you

Dear child of my heart,

I greet you today with all the Love of my Heart as well as the Love of your Telosian family. While each of you are reading these words, we are around you and in deep communion with your heart, and more and more, you are beginning to truly feel us there. Can you sense the great joy we are emanating at being at your side once again?

Many of you have been away for a long time, engaged in your cycles of reincarnation and ascension and each time you return to the Earth, you return fully motivated to continue to unwrap this great gift to Life that you are, all the treasures and the unique talents that your higher self has honed over the course of many lifetimes are all there and always waiting for your deeper discovery in your present lifetime.

The more time you devote to yourself, to exploring what may excite you or particularly interest you in your outer world can help open certain doors of discovery within you that your soul would like you to experience right now. The more you dive into the great and vast inner universe that you carry within you, the more you will be able to externalize, manifest and express those inner treasures in a more powerful way.

Each of you is a grand and majestic Tree of Life, and each day you walk on Mother Earth, you are becoming more and more conscious that each thought, word and action is not only creating your reality it is also contributing in seeding a new consciousness of Light into this Earth.

Knowing this, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of being ever vigilant and disciplined regarding the power of each thought pattern you choose to dwell in and to diligently take the time to identify the inherent beliefs that may be at play that you have carried since childhood, because in this new energy, they will create form and circumstances quite rapidly. This is a crucial time to cleanse your inner world and perceptions as they are also contributing and affecting the collective consciousness that we are all residing in. You have an opportunity to be one of those lightworkers that helps to lift up the collective beliefs and paradigms of the day, infusing them with new thoughts of Faith and Joy.

Dear child of the Light, during this sacred celebration of the changing of the season, the Celebration of the Winter Solstice, we are also marking this change of season within our own hearts as we dedicate our ceremonies to consciously infusing this new cycle of creation in our world, and on the Earth, with as much love, light and joy that our hearts can allow. Central to our Solstice celebration in Telos, to which a great many participate, adults as well as children, is the consecration of the Tree of Life ceremony, in which beloved Mother Earth, Virgo is also a powerful participant. In Telos, the trees are chosen for their awesome size and beauty as well as for their age and wisdom, however, we have no need of cutting down any trees, they grow as large as they are called to and can be quite spectacular in size. In this time of the Winter solstice and the celebration of Christmas, many of you take part in the ritual of choosing and decorating your Christmas tree. The tree is symbolic of the great temple of your I AM Presence and divine being that you are. At Christmas we celebrate the birth and renewal of our divine Christ child, always ascending into greater heights of Light and Purity of Love. In Telos, we watch many of you lovingly decorate your Christmas tree with joy and care. You choose the colors and lights you wish to adorn each branch with as well as choose what kind of ornaments, colors and shapes as well as many different choices of symbolic images and deities which you may prefer. Always important is the bright Star (or Angel) at the top of the tree to act as your beacon and guiding Light.

In Telos, and in the company of many of our brothers and sisters in our neighbouring underground cities of light, we have long gathered in symbolic ceremonies of light to aid humanity in anchoring more Light onto the Earth. In partnership with our Beloved Virgo, Mother Earth, we gather in circles of Love and Light around majestic trees that we have anointed for the occasion, each Tree representing the great family of humanity, and with the purest and truest love of our hearts, we collectively infuse each branch and trunk of every tree with all the shining divine qualities and virtues that humanity needs the most right now. The Tree will then assist us in anchoring and diffusing these energies into the earth and into the heart and minds of each man, woman and child on the planet. Our prayers direct us in amplifying the divine qualities and light attributes the collective consciousness of humanity is most in need of for the upcoming New Year.

Trees are mighty transporters of energy, they communicate frequencies, diffuse them into the air we breathe and anchor powerful rays of love and light into the very soil that then charges the fruits and vegetables we eat with the energy of Life. You can be of any religious faith to enjoy this ritual, simply choose to communicate with a tree and ask for its assistance and friendship. For our part, we always delight in witnessing each of you thoughtfully choosing the adornments for your tree as you decide how it will look and how brightly it will shine. As you are lovingly choosing your colors for each branch, reverently bless each one with the fires of your heart and ask that your tree assist you in grounding each one into your beingness and into the earth to help anchor and more powerfully make available these divine qualities for all of humanity. The more you do everything with your full consciousness, the more you are tapping into your ability to be a Creator of Life. In this special time of the Solstice and the holidays, we are overjoyed to welcome you into our Circle of Creation and Celebration. You may simply intend to join us upon your sleep or invite us should you endeavour to prepare your own sacred Tree celebration. As we gather in large numbers in Telos, we celebrate the progress that Humanity has made every year as they come closer to the frequency of ascension and freedom and we celebrate each one of you with unbounded Love and Joy!

With Love and a pure child’s heart, I AM dama

Message received by Nancy Fuoco on December 16, 2019

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